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Airport Exercise

For many, air travel is a stressful and unhealthy experience, but not for me. I like drama and excitement as much as the next man but not during air travel!What I do is get to the airport 3-4 hours early. First thing I do is see if there is an earlier flight I can catch, often there is. Sometimes they charge a bit to hop the earlier flight, worth every penny. A crowded middle seat on a flight leaving right NOW is infinitely better than the proverbial two birds in the bush - a nice aisle or emergency row seat...

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Eating Healthy at Airports

Want to eat healthy at the airport? Best best is to find a mexican place like this that serves burritos. I recommend the basic chicken burrito, hold the cheese, hold the sour cream. Often to insure I get something truly healthy I special order a simple bean and rice burrito. These burrito places are much more common than they were a decade ago and you can find one in almost every airport. As a bonus, burritis are great to take on the plane with you and easy to eat with your elbows pinned against your sides. With the ever shrinking...

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