Help shut down steroidjunkie

Please help shut down steroidjunkie(.)com

Are you tired of those ads in the last month that have been popping up everywhere selling illegal steroids like they are candy?  You can do something about it, you can report them to their hosting provider.  The sale of steroids is illegal in the USA, Canada, the EU, Australia, and about everywhere else I can think of. And spamming is illegal too!  They have been creating thousands of identities all over the web for the express purpose of spamming the whole world with links to their ads.

There are three things you can do to stop

ONE: Steroidjunkie(.)com is hosted at iWeb in Monreal Canada, reporting their illegal activity there is the best chance of stopping the root cause of all this.  To report them:

  1. submit a trouble ticket from this page
  2. On the right side of the screen in the gray box labeled “Not Yet A Customer”, select “Abuse and Complaint” from the dropdown list
  3. Enter a valid email address and your name
  4. In the message box, make your complaint against them.  You could complain about their spamming you or the fact that they are involved in illegal activities.
  5. Enter the capcha letters and click on the submit button


TWO: If your website, blog, or facebook page is spammed with links to report them to  Napsgear is how they make their money, steroidjunkie spams the world to make money selling products thru napsgear.  As part of the user agreement with napsgear, steroidjunkie had to agree not to do any illegal activities like SPAMMING.  If they spam you, report them where it hurts – to their wallet!!!  Here is how to report them for spamming:

  1. Create a support account at, use a real email address and name
  2. Click on “Submit a ticket”
  3. In the subject, write “illegal activity by associate”
  4. In the box, put a link to your blog/facebook/website that was spammed, include a screen shot too.  Click on one of the products being sold and put the URL into the message so they can identify the associate who is spamming you.
  5. Submit the ticket


THREE: The third thing you can do is to stop the spamming on facebook by reporting “Liam Heaton” and others who are plastering the links to steroidjunkie(.)com everywhere.  Perhaps their accounts have been pirated and its not really them doing the spamming but none the less, those accounts need to be reported.     Here is what you can do: report him (and others spamming the steroid ads) to facebook.

  1. Go to  their wall, for example “Liam Heaton‘s”
  2. On the left side of the screen, click on “report/block”
  3. Check on “Report this profile”,
  4. Select “other”,
  5. Choose from dropdown list select “this is a business or organization”.
  6. In the box mention that they are spamming all facebook with their ads for illegal steroids from www.steroidjunkie(.)com and mention this ad: http://steroidjunkie(.)com/where-to-buy-steroids-online/

There seem to be hundreds of profiles on facebook spamming ads for steroidjunkie(.)com – lets report them all!

The reason this is a big problem is that this website glorifys the use of steroids and makes them sound like just another supplement you buy at GNC. If its for sale on the internet then its safe and legal – right? WRONG! Lets shut these folks down before innocent victims purchasing these products get put in jail.