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Extreme Calorie Burn

I just burned off 7617 calories doing my double century bike ride this weekend, talk about an extreme calorie burn! Over the course, I probably consumed about 6000 calories though. With an event like this I was far more concerned about insuring maximum performance than in limiting calories. Perhaps I could have done it with 1000 calories less but the bonk-danger is too high. I was stuffing my face at every opportunity - several times I was so hungry that I ate three cliff bars at a time. Trouble is, I wouldnt recommend this type of cardio for fat loss,...

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Neck strain reducing cycling glasses

These glasses are to reduce neck strain by keeping head and spine in alignment. A side effect is that the wind resistance is reduced dramatically. On long rides, I am often limited by neck strain and that is what made me think these glasses up. They are made from a pair of safety glasses, a prism from a pair of bed TV glasses and a retainer to hold them on fashioned from bailing wire and a rubber band. Since their primary function is not to lower wind resistance, they *might* be allowed while riding under USAT, UCI and USA Cycling...

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Interesting Vegetarian Protein Combinations

The first version of my protein calculator is now done! Choose any protein source and it tells you all about it in gory detail AND recommends a good complimentary food! Please give it a try and let me know any suggestions or bugs you find in the protein calculator. Interesting Vegetarian Protein Combinations "Beans and rice" is what you always hear people say makes a "complete protein", well my software begs to differ. My calculator claims that the best complimentary food for virtually all beans is sesame because it has so much methionine per calorie. The best complimentary food for...

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