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New Weight Loss Meal Planners!

My calorie calculator has been popular for years because it not only calculates your caloric requirements but it gives you a sample meal based on your goals. Dieting really confuses people though and their three most common questions are: What should I eat? How much should I eat? How long will it take to get ripped? Both of my new tools answer ALL these questions! These two new tools take it to the next level for the specific goal of weight loss. These two tools plan an entire days meals for optimal fat loss with minimal or no muscle loss....

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The W Diet

The W Diet How would you like to eat whatever you want and still lose weight?  It really is possible with the "W Diet"!  The W Diet not only takes the pounds off but helps you keep them off when the diet is over because it helps you change your eating habits. [iframe width="480" height="303" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen] Want to know more about why the W Diet works so well?

Read More, Craze, and Crystal Meth

How many people need to die before becomes a responsible corporate citizen?  The FDA  gave a 7 million dollar fine for selling supplements laced with steroids and then they give their prestigious Supplement Of The Year Award to Craze, a diet supplement containing a designer version of crystal meth.   It appears that a 7 million dollar fine was not enough to convince to do the right thing and spend the equivalent of a few pennies on each supplement sold and do some batch testing for dangerous substances. knew that giving the award to Craze would...

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Fun and cheap halloween costume ideas

Its that time of the year when everyone is starting to wonder what they will dress up as for Halloween, here are some cool ideas! So you have been working hard at the gym for years, why not show off your physique a bit with a superhero costume.  The pre-purchased costumes are lame and ill-fitting, make your own custom costume for a lot less with liquid latex, a speedo, a mask, and an  accessory or two.  For about $25 you can get enough latex to make a latex skin suit of just about any color you want so you can do...

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