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Big, Swole, Strong, Fit, Lean, Toned

"Big, Swole, Strong, Fit, Lean, Toned" - Many people who use terms like this in their new years resolutions or in their fitness goals FAIL. If your goal is to get “swole” by the first of October 2014, how do you know if you have succeeded? You dont! Same with “Big”, “Strong”, “Lean”, "Fit" and "Toned". “Lean” refers to the amount of bodyfat. Both a pro bodybuilder and a marathon runner are lean but one weights about 4x as much as the other. What is “Lean” depends on who you ask thats why goals should always be for a specified bodyfat...

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Announcing $1000 success stories grand prize winner!

There were so many amazing fitness success stories in 2013 that it was agonizingly difficult to choose a grand prize winner because every single one of you are winners in my book. Because of some unfortunate events this summer, my scheduled announcement of the winner was delayed so its too late to do a video with the success stories winners like I did with Alyssa and Kyle.  I replaced the grand prize with something better though - cash prizes! Not only that, I decided there was no way possible to narrow it down to just one grand prize so I...

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organic protein bars

I'm really excited! For years I have not been able to recommend any pre-made protein bars at all because they are so full of *^#$ which is why I have always recommended that people make their own home-made protein bars and bulking bars. Finally though, there is an organic protein bar! Even if you dont care about the "organic" label, consider this, it holds manufacturers to a MUCH higher standard. No preservatives, no toxic artificial colors, no GMO ingredients, no pesticide residue. I always recommend making your own when you can, its so much cheaper, but if you dont have...

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