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Amazing Fat Loss Discovery Reports Doctor Steven Smith

Apparently Dr. Steven Smith and his Obesity Society has discovered that people are obese because they defy the laws of physics as we know them! This amazing scientific think tank has apparently discovered that people are obese, not because they consume more calories than they burn off with exercise, but rather, because these obese people are siphoning off mass in the form of fat cells from an alternate universe. These new and expensive anti-obesity drugs Belviq and Qsymia apparently work by blocking the flow of matter (fat cells) from the alternate universe into the bodies of obese people. Although the...

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Gym Attire and Fashion

People often ask me what to wear to the gym, very good question and alot of people stress out WAY too much about this. Yes, its great to look good but if that gets in the way of fitness then DITCH IT! Function first! Lets cover the superficial first, this fashion advice for men I call "Scoobys Rule". Of course, despite the sterotype that I should be very good at fashion, I am severely fashion impaired ... or maybe its just that I just dont give a **it. For me it always comes back to comfort and functionality. Anyway, here...

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8 years on YouTube!

Today is my 8th anniversary on YouTube! My first video was uploaded on Aug 1, 2006 and it has 40 million views now: [iframe width="480" height="303" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen] The quality is pretty awful but back before YouTube I was self hosting. Back then, I had to pay bandwidth charges for every byte downloaded so my videos were small and short so I could afford the hosting fees. I was just interested in illustrating the exercises in the easiest way possible and video was much better than words and pictures. Then I started hearing about this "YouTube" thing where you...

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