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Spiderman Halloween Costume

My 2014 Halloween costume is spiderman!  Look for me on the streets tomorrow with my other superhero friends!  Here are some other great ideas on halloween costumes for bodybuilders.  This custom made spiderman costume was only $50.  The shoes cost more than the costume but will see a bit more use :)   [iframe width="480" height="303" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]

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Sunday is the key to fitness!

Sunday is the key to fitness! Good nutrition is preparation and if you start the work week with an empty refrigerator then you have already lost the battle. Want to gain muscle or lose fat?  It all starts on Sunday.  Two hours spent on the weekend shopping and doing some batch cooking for the week is probably even more important to your success in losing bodyfat and gaining muscle than your workouts are, seriously! Once the hectic work/school week starts its all over.  Most of us can barely keep our heads above water during the week so unless good nutrition is...

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