Does Scooby Use Steroids?

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To those of you who say you “know” I use steroids, I suggest you read “know or suspect” unless your career ambition is to be a Walmart greeter.   Reminds me of a funny saying but its often true with people – “my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts!”  If it comforts people to think that I got big and ripped by using steroids rather than 30+ years of lifting 5 days a week, that is fine by me.  People often have these crazy expectations for bodybuilding and when they fail to get the body “they deserve“, then they just naturally assume that anyone who has gotten that physique has somehow cheated.  Again, whatever comforts them is fine with me.  I still consider it the ultimate compliment when someone asks if I use steroids.  I know I am not convincing anyone here because again, people believe what they want to believe but take a gander at the section titled “signs of steroid usage” on my expectations page.  You can also look at my 30 year physique history and see for yourself that my muscle growth was painfully slow.  My muscle growth was the result of decades of hard work and clean eating, not steroids, but again, believe whatever makes you want.

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does scooby use steroids

thats a morphed image by the way!

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  • Scooby_Werkstatt

    Its amazing how badly so many people want to believe that I got where I am because of steroids.

    • Ari Goldman

      I dont think people are trying to bring you down. I think people are more curious about what can be obtained naturally.

      Im guessing you have probably at least experimented with anabolics at some point. But at the same time I think its a good decision to not be forthcoming, simply because you motivate and inspire alot of younger people… and there is no reason to jeopardize the positive work you are doing.

  • Ben

    Its funny how you still never really answers the question..

    • Moe1992

      He states “My muscle growth was the result of decades of hard work and clean eating, not steroids, but again, believe whatever you want.” Hes definitely right people believe what they want and in your case see what they want

      • Scooby_Werkstatt

        Its funny how people do not see that as clear enough of a statement.

    • Scooby_Werkstatt

      Because my subscribers are a notch above. They would be insulted by sound byte answers telling them what to think, that is what mainstream media does. Provide the info and let people draw their own conclusions. Please read this:

  • Kai Zen XercZyzz

    Just finished defending your honor Scoob! People are asking Jason Blaha to do a Natty or Not on you to try and expose you as a fake natty. I am sure he will not take the bait!