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YouTube Live Europe Broadcast


I know I have a lot of fans in Europe and I really appreciate the fact that a lot of you get up in the middle of the night to participate in my live YouTube broadcasts but this broadcast is for YOU! Set to start at 7pm London time, it should be a lot more convenient for most of you. We can talk about whatever you want and I will talk for as long as you want! #Germany, #Austria, #UnitedKingdom, #Sweden, #Netherlands, #Norway, #Belgium, #Denmark, #Finland, #France, #Greece, #Hungary, #Iceland, #Ireland, #Italy, #Poland, #Portugal, #Romania, #Spain, #Bulgaria, #Croatia, #Switzerland, and...

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2017 Motivation Month!


Do you make resolutions every New Years only to break them a month later? Are you frustrated with your job, you relationship, your finances, or your LIFE? Is your life without a plan?  Without a purpose? Most people will answer yes to at least one of these.  Every year I make a motivation video around the end of the year to get people thinking on the right track but its never enough so this year.  December is MOTIVATION MONTH! I will have a live broadcast every Wednesday in December so come armed with goal, resolution, motivation and plan questions.  One of the biggest problems...

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Preparing for repeal of Obamacare

preparing for repeal of obamacare

Forget the politics, here is what you need to do TODAY to prepare for the repeal of Obamacare also questionnaire as the "Affordable Care Act". President elect Donald Trump has stated that in his first 100 days in office he will repeal Obamacare. YES, you DO need to prepare for this or you could find yourself without any medical insurance should you be laid off. First, a little history on America's horribly screwed up medical system. Before the Affordable Care Act, people with good jobs had really good medical coverage and very cheap insurance rates subsidized or paid in full by...

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Naturally increase testosterone levels!


Muscle gain potential is proportional to testosterone levels which is why women are not as muscular as men.  Yes you CAN increase your testosterone levels to gain more muscle. Its not easy like popping a pill but you can still do it! Millions of dollars are made off from gullible people every year who buy supplements and herbal remedies that promise to increase testosterone levels. You know what, they are all a waste of money. If they do raise testosterone, its only a little and for such a short duration that is does not benefit muscle building at all. If...

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Is leangains a meme?


Is leangains a meme? Millions have gained muscle and lost fat at the same time but that is different than "leangains" which is a snake-oil money maker. It depends on what you mean by "leangains". Lets start with the Martin Berkhan and Kinobody style leangains, the style they use to sell lots of expensive stuff and make lots of money. The I am near the genetic max and 4% bodyfat I am still going to make all-kinds-of-gains. That is compete BS .. except for steroid users. Steroid users can gain muscle even doing the stupidest things.  The closer you are...

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The ‘Science based bodybuilding’ myth.


We have all know this nutritional 'science' by heart and dont give it much of a thought: 1g fat has 9 calories 1g carbohydrate has 4 calories 1g protein has 4 calories Right? Well, take this test then scroll down to look at the answer. How many calories does one serving of Cocoa powder have? One serving has .5g fat, 3g carbs, and 1g protein which I summarize in the below table: 0.5g fat * 9 calories/g = 4.5 calories 3.0g carbs * 4calories/g = 12 calories 1g protein * 4 calories/g = 4 calories So, how many calories in...

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Amazing fat loss and health improvement success stories!


As always, there were so many incredible fitness, health, and fat-loss success stories that narrowing it down to the "best" one was just not possible so I have chosen three.  Congratulations to EVERYONE who submitted their stories because you ALL had amazing success, and because you worked for it the old fashioned way with sweat and hard work, your gains will stay with you! If you have a fitness success story, I urge you to share it because your example can serve to motivate countless others! The 'prize' is just a signed scoobysworkshop t-shirt but the real reward is your new...

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Get rich opening a gym!


Elliott Hulse has a lot of $197 eBooks he sells telling you how you can make six figure incomes opening gyms but I am going to tell you the secret for free! Get rich opening a gym! The way you get rich opening a gym is to sell lots of memberships, pretty simple. The trick though is that prospective members come in after work when they want to workout and if they see the gym is crowded, they will just walk away so the gym cant sell any more memberships. So to make a lot of money is more nuanced. You...

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Ask me and my husband of 15 years anything – bodybuilding, relationships, whatever.


Ask me and my husband of 15 years anything - bodybuilding, relationships, money management, whatever.  This will be a live broadcast on both YouTube and Facebook It will be a 2 hour live broadcast to make sure we can get to all your questions. Note that this will be a moderated live broadcast and there are minors present so please remember to keep things G-rated and clean. Pre-ask your questions now! Once the broadcast starts, the questions will fly by and we will only be able to answer a small fraction of them. If you really want to get your...

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Phil Heath 2016 Mister Olympia


Congratulations to Phil Heath, the winner of the 2016 Mister Olympia contest,  who was able to take the most steroids and growth hormone without dying onstage or having his intestines burst out of his bloated belly. Anyone who is "shocked" that I am lashing about against the Mister Olympia contest and winners clearly know nothing about me.  I have always worked to help people become healthier and more fit and the Mister Olympia is the polar opposite of everything I have worked for.  These contenders are filled to the gills with steroids while denying it and pretending to be the epitome of health...

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