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Ramadan 2016 Fitness Tips

Workout and Nutrition Strategies for Ramadan

The month of Ramadan begins Sunday June 5 and end Tuesday July 5. Those who think intermittent fasting is difficult clearly are not Muslim. Nutrition and exercise are problematic during Ramadan but is no reason that bodybuilders cannot continue to get stronger, leaner, and gain muscle during this holy month. Timing is everything and here are some exercise and nutrition strategies you can use: Please read more about Ramadan and bodybuilding here. During Ramadan, without fail, I have some Christian followers who always ask why I am showing religious favoritism by singling out Ramadan here. I am NOT. I want people...

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Dating advice

shy how to get dates

This is advice aimed at guys although many of the concepts would apply to women as well. The concepts work for both straight and gay guys, doesnt matter.

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Stockholm Pro Sensible Cycle Contest Results


The final votes are in at the IFBB Stockholm Pro, Sensible Cycle division, its Jeff Seid as #1! Congratulations jef! Jeff Seid Robin Balogh Anton Antipov Nelson Rodriques Benyamin Jahromi Denis Gusev Francesco Montuori Read more about the IFBB Stockholm Pro bodybuilding contest.

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IFBB Stockholm Pro Steroids Competition

IFBB stockholm pro mens physique

The Stockholm Pro is coming up in a few days and its time to showcase the new steroid use categories: Men's Bodybuilding: This competition is about who can take the most steroids and growth hormone without dying while onstage. The bigger and more freaky the better. Men's Classic Bodybuilding: This competition is about those who want to take a "classic" amount of steroids, that is, the amount of steriods that Arnold Schwarzenegger , Lou Ferrigno, Serge Nubret, Franco Columbo, Ed Corney, and Frank Zane took back when they were legal. The goal is to look like Frank Zane, not so...

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