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I cant say that I am excited about the upcoming summer Olympics™ in Rio, Brazil. Money and corruption has turned the Olympics™ into an embarrassing spectacle. Every IOC member should resign in shame for destroying the Olympics.  The Olympics™ is about maximizing TV revenue and maximizing bribes. The olympics starts in a month and nobody seems to care or notice. I remember back in the 1970’s the buzz before the Olympics was incredible and every TV set in America was tuned to the Olympics for as many hours every day that could be spared. Now, people seem to care less. We...

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Practice makes perfect, trip preparations

meet scooby in sweden

Things do not happen perfectly just by themselves, it takes lots of thought and preparation to make things go off without a hitch. We all know people that I affectionately call "drama queens". They always have the most amazingly dramatic stories to tell about horrible situations and problems ... because the manufacture drama. They love drama, I dont. If you want drama when you are traveling to another country to do multi-week bike camping then you throw a bunch of stuff in a suitcase at the last minute and then, surprise, surprise, you forget something important and have to take...

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Goals change!


No, I am not as lean as I was last year at this time but last year my goal was to do my first men’s physique contest.  Honestly I do not like how I look when my bodyfat is that low (5.5%).   The year before that, my goal was to better my half Ironman time and for that, my optimal bodyfat is about 8% so I was a bit leaner then too.   This year, I have no fitness goals that require me to be scary lean so I am just staying at a healthy 9-10%. Like every year, I...

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Help us run around the world!!!!!

barefoot running on beach

We need YOUR help to run around the world!  We all know how important cardio is for our health but its not always easy to keep motivated. To help motivate each other to keep up our running, a member at sweat4health came up with this great challenge - "Run Around The World With Sweat4health!". Its great for a number of reasons, first because we need everyones help to accomplish it - we are all in this together! Second because every person can challenge themselves by setting their own weekly and monthly goals for distance. Its you against yourself which is...

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Dear Haters

natural bodybuilder scooby shoulders traps back

Dear Haters, Three points I would like to make to you.  I know that in the video I do, people will completely miss the points so here they are in written format: Learn from others!  Hate me all you want, I dont care.  I stopped caring what other people thought about me in February of 1988.  My self-esteem and sense of accomplishment are not affected by what you think of me.  YOU are the ones that need the most help and I will not give up on you.  Please consider this advice. When you become aware of someone who has...

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