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Difference between greek yogurt and regular yogurt


I put greek yogurt in CustomMealPlanner because its protein density is so high that its nearly as good as protein powder whereas normal yogurt just has too high a percent of carb calories to be an optimal protein source. Why? What is the difference between the way that greek yogurt and regular yogurt are made? Very little! All yogurts start by heating up milk and adding bacteria to ferment it. In fact, both types of yogurt even use the same bacterial cultures - Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. After fermentation you end up with protein-goo (technical term) and a whey-ish...

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Skipped Leg Day … or did he?

Bodybuilders and strength trainers like to make fun of "peg-leg" bodybuilders, and rightly so. Only working out chest and arms is not only stupid but its not healthy. So, who is the athlete here? Clearly the humungous upper body, right? Think again! The legs belong to the winner of the Boston Marathon! He is an incredible athlete and is a LOT healthier than the bodybuilder whose upper body is shown! Pro Bodybuilder gasps for air going up stairs high blood pressure cholesterol levels off the charts enlarged heart (dangerous condition) liver damage resting heart rate of 85bpm (like a 70...

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