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Guys chest looks like a girls ass


Guys chest looks like a girls ass OK, this is out of control.  How many other tabloid newspapers would like to steal a copyrighted image?  Images of my video, Best way to workout chest show at the bottom of this page have gone viral in many places.  I clearly have "©2012 llc" across the top of the image that people have cropped out - slimy, very slimy.  By cropping my website information off the image , millions of people who might be interested in learning how they can get fit for free have no idea what this video is or where to...

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Scoobys 10 Year Anniversary on YouTube!


Im the first fitness person on YouTube to have my 10 year anniversary. I've a video every single week for 10 years straight, nearly 700 videos. I was the second fitness channel on YouTube and I have seen a lot of people come and go. Every year there is another sixpackshortcuts ... until people figure out they are making promises they cant deliver and the next hot trainer gets the spotlight. Right now AthleneX and Kinobody have the spotlight but I can pretty much guarantee you that I will outlive their channels as well, why? Simple, because for them its...

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