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How To Grocery Shop – Bodybuilding


There are thousands of videos and web pages about how to shop and what to buy if you are an athlete or bodybuilder. The problem they all have is that they are general advice, not specific advice. They videos and web pages tend to just be laundry lists of clean foods. Although this is useful as an educational exercise for nutritional newbies, it still is of no help in an actual shopping trip. What you need is to buy all the things you need to eat healthy, high protein meals all week. Just because Jay Cutler who weighs 280 pounds...

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Keto (ketogenic) Meal Plans


Keto is awesome for cutting which is why so many bodybuilders use it. You can maintain a caloric deficit day after day without ever getting hungry. One of the many reasons that keto and low-carb nutritional plans are so effective for fat loss is that after a few weeks of keto, even people like myself who have intense sugar cravings or carb cravings find that they disappear. Without the cravings for simple carbs, its very easy to keep a consistent caloric deficit that is required for fat loss. Read all about keto for bodybuilders Make your own keto meal plan...

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Why do I toss the yolks?


I get questions all the time about why I throw out the egg yolks when they are "good for me".  Yes, we now know that eating dietary cholesterol does not increase blood cholesterol which in turn leads to heart disease.  Yes, I know that yolks have lots of vitamins and minerals which is why I eat one yolk a day in addition to the 20 egg whites.  We buy about 9 dozen organic eggs a week and all the yolks go down the garbage disposal.  For those saying that its a waste of food, please read this. For those who think...

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