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Monetization and whiny, entitled YouTube Stars

You may have heard lots of whining from YouTube Fitness Trainers about the changes to the monetization policy - Entitled millennials who think the world owes them everything. Lets cover a few points. You do not have some god given right to make tens of thousands of dollars for a clever video that it took you 3 minutes to make - get a REAL JOB and WORK like everyone else. YouTube is a business and its their responsibility to their shareholders to maximize profit. This is a free market, supply and demand determines prices. There are simply too many YouTube fitness...

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“Jews will not replace us!”


In Charlottesville, Virginia the White supremacists chanted "Jews will not replace us" - well, honestly we Jews don't WANT to replace you! White supremacists are white males disillusioned with the system, and rightfully so as it has failed them. They are often blue collar, unemployed or under employed, and have little education beyond high school. The demise of the middle class has hit this group hard because good paying blue collar jobs are basically gone. White supremacists lash out at Jews, blacks, and immigrants which is misdirected anger. We Jews are not interested in replacing white supremacists flipping burgers at...

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The three biggest financial mistakes that young adults make

The three biggest financial mistakes that young adults make are: not paying credit cards off in full every month buying a car and going in debt for a college education (unless for a degree that GUARANTEES a high paying job). In my last post about my bike renovation where I mentioned that the true cost of car ownership was about $15000/year, a lot of people clearly do not understand how to calculate true cost. The cost of ownership is NOT just gas and oil changes. You have to add insurance, maintenance AND depreciation because the car will need replacing. If...

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Only in America – Eclipse causes school closures


This is crazy, only in America would schools shut down on the best day of the century to teach kids about science. Liability concerns have caused many school districts across the nation to cancel school because of the possibility that kids might harm their eyes even with glasses on. Its harder than ever to get kids interested in science so exciting moments like this total solar eclipse should be embraced and used as teaching moments. Instead of kids being able to watch the eclipse with safe teacher supervision and proper eclipse glasses, many kids will be left home unsupervised free...

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