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Lanzarote meet and greet

The Lanzarote meet and greet will be at 11:00am on the 27th of December, 2017. We will be meeting at the corner of Calle Nicolas Martin Cabrera and Calle Leon y Castillo (see map). We actually plan on leaving our ship on foot at 10:20am-10:30am and walking via the dotted line to the meeting place. If you plan on coming or think you might come, please let me know because if no one confirms I will cancel. I will check Facebook two hours before the meet and greet time.

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PLEASE follow me on Instagram!


I need 200 more followers so I can post links.  Since I do a lot of nutritional posts and links to recipies on Instagram, its not of much use to my followers if they cant click on the links! Please follow me on Instagram!

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Compression pants (tights) and knee pain


TLDR: Compression tights may cause excruciating knee pain. First of all this is NOT scientific, its an anecdote with a sample size of one but as I think you will see, its worth being suspicious. After biking 100km from Melbourne to Sydney in March, then coming home and hitting the hexbar squats really heavy back in April I had some really terrible knee pain that kept me from being able to even walk. After the weight lifting was removed, I found that I could bike and run pain free and I have been doing that regularly since then. I have...

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"Dad Bod" has come to be a badge of honor to allow men to ignore health and fitness. Ultra-quick home workouts eliminate "Dad Bod" to make #GrandpaBod! Yes, parents do not have a lot of time between work and taking care of kids but this is no excuse for letting your health and fitness slip away.  People have this weird idea that working out requires a 20 minute commute to the gym, a 60 minute workout, and a 20 minute drive back home - no, it does not!!  Parents rarely have this kind of time available.  With home workouts you...

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