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Easy Bodybuilding Meals Recipe Book


Easy Bodybuilding Meals Recipe Book I am not good in the kitchen. I have very little time to spend shopping and cooking nor do I enjoy it.  Below are meals that you can make with a minimum of effort, time, and mess.  Most of them dirty only one dish and if I can make these, you can too.  Unlike most recipe books, this one is focused on three things: Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, and Health - a good recipe or meal will excel at two of these criteria.   Most of the meals can be prepared in 10 minutes from start...

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Act your age!


I was told by a YouTube viewer today to "Act My Age!" in response to my video where I was doing rather heavy stiff legged deadlifts. Here is is actual comment: Why is a grown man acting like he’s in his early 20s? This is disgusting and here is the video he was commenting on.  So he wants me to "Act my age", no thanks! I am 60. The average American 60 year old: Is clinically obese. Is on medication for high blood pressure. Is on statin medication for high cholesterol. Will never be able to run 100 yards. Will...

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5 day split – I was wrong


I admit it when I am wrong and in recommending the 5-day split as optimal for muscle gain in advanced lifters I was wrong. Am I sorry, no. I do the best I can and that is all I can do. I read all I can, I try lots of different things myself, I talk to lots of other people, and then I mentally compile all the conflicting information to decide what is most likely true. If I make mistakes in my recommendations they are always honest mistakes and not intentional deception for commercial gain. As much as people like...

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egg whites in a carton


For years I have used egg whites as a protein source. I have used whole eggs and thrown out the yolks because I found that egg whites in a carton would always give me severe gastrointestinal distress requiring that I stay in close proximity to a bathroom for several hours. Today I am trying an experiment. The hypothesis I am testing today is that it is the manufacturing process used in cheap mass produced cartonized egg whites that is the problem. I am testing this by using organic egg whites in a carton. Here is a photo of my cauliflower...

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