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Biking from Zhouxi to Danjiang China

Awesome bikeride today from Zhouxi to Danjiang China and it could not have been any better. 70F with sunshine, beautiful scenery, great road conditions, and hardly any traffic! Lots of tea plantations and rice paddies. Not that long of a ride. About 3800’ of vertical in 25 miles. A great rest after yesterdays AM/PM grueling split workout. I need a rest day or two before I do another weight workout. For full trip details see Scooby bikes across China Live GPS map with  Scoobys current location - updated every 10 minutes.

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AM/PM split workout

So you know you are not going to be able to workout much in the next week but you have plenty of time today, what do? An AM/PM spilt workout to pulverize your body so you NEED a week off! :) Wht not just do one really long workout? Great question! In my experience, after about an hour you simply cant push hand enough even if its completely different bodyparts. What we are going to do is basically a 3 day split workout normally done in a week and do all the workouts in one day!!  As an example: 7am:...

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Biking Across China

Well, biking across a *tiny* part of China, its a REALLY big country!  Every year I do one or two, 2-3 week long bike treks - usually in Asia.  Last year was biking across Sweden and biking from Melbourne to Sydney - both 1000km in distance.  My last trip in Asia was biking from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City.  Biking is absolutely the best way to see a country because not only do you get the worlds best view but you get to meet real people who are not in the tourist industry.  If you go where tourists go,...

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Guiyang China Meet and Greet

The start of my bike journey!  This is the last scheduled meet and greet before I start pedaling across China. When: 25th March, 2018 City: Guiyang, China Where: Novotel Hotel Lobby, 8 Zhong Hua Nan Road I will be doing a walking tour of town today. Full Trip Details Scooby Bikes China Meet and Greets Hong Kong S.A.R. of P.R.C, 22nd March Sai Kung, 23rd march (TBD) Guiyang, Mainland China 25th March

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Hong Kong S.A.R. of P.R.C. Meet and Greet!


I love Hong Kong S.A.R. of P.R.C. and will be back there again! When: 22nd of March, 2018 Where: Bruce Lee statue Time: 18:00 Some Scooby Hong Kong history.   I actually an awesome three week business trip to Hong Kong back in the 1980s which sparked my love of traveling in Asia.  Since then I have been back to Hong Kong at least four times but since the 80s, it has always just been for short layovers which is why I am so looking forward to this trip when I actually have time to explore again.  Speaking of short layovers...

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Best Cutting Diet


Discover the best cutting diet for you and learn how to personalize it precisely to your metabolic needs to lose fat, gain muscle and get healthy.  We engineers like to define the problem before solving it. A good cutting meal: 1) helps you lose fat - avoid hunger while at caloric deeficit 2) helps you gain or maintain muscle (high protein) 3) keeps you healthy - vitimans, fiber, antioxidants The mistake most people make when googling "best cutting meals" or "best cutting diet" is that they are only getting a dangerous half answer. You cannot simply say that "baked...

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