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Dont block the weight rack

One of my biggest pet-peeves is people who block access to the dumbbells by lifting right in front of the rack Dont block the weight rack! The above video pokes a little fun at weight rack blockers. Seriously though, if you do this help me understand why because it makes chaos of a gym in short order: people cannot get to dumbbells to use them people cant put them away so they just leave them on gym floor. If you do this, WHY? Please, I want to understand!!

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WWFD (What Would Frank Do) Frank Yang that is.

Frank Yang is a very talented artist and film maker. Unlike other YouTube fitness personalities, he is not selling anything, he is not promoting supplements, nor is he sponsored by a clothing manufacturer. I think the two of us are the only ones on YouTube who are happy when your wallet stays shut. Frank is in amazing shape but insted of using his physique to sell products, he uses it to make social commentary and make people think. Like my videos, every video of his has an important point. Frank also inspires others. I will never have his artistic talent...

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Believe Nothing You See!

Most people know that before-after “success story” photos are photoshopped. What people dont realize is that video is also commonly “photoshopped”. In my April Fools Video where I confessed to doing my first cycle I did some very wuick and dirty image manipulation - less than 2 hours to make the whole video. I even tried hard to make it obvious so people would know it was april fools and yet, many thought it real. When you see video from someone sponsored by a supplement or clothing company realize that their video distortion will be Hollywood-perfect and you WILL be...

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Hiking Longji China Rice Terraces

The rice terraces at Longji China are a huge tourist attraction, mainly for Chinese but also some adventurous westerners. People justifiably fawn over the amazing views so much that the hiking here is often overlooked- its a beautiful hike! Be warned though that like most rice terrace walks you are often on a very narrow “sidewalk” made of stepping stones and there is two way traffic. Although going when the fields are in peak beauty might seem wise, consider off season to avoid the 50,000 people bussed here each day who turn the entire path into gridlock. Consider hiking before...

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Dong People Of China -Happy Labor Dance

China is primarily Han people but there are also lots of other ethnic groups living in peace with one another. According to my guide, the peace is because each community is completely self sufficient and immobile so people never leave their village. The culture and arts of the ethnic groups are celebrated here as I witnessed in Zhaoxing which was clearly supported by the state and turned into a cultural Disneyland. Here is an example of the spectacular Broadway production quality show put on every night for free to a packed house of Chinese tourists: Happy Labor Dance To...

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Easy Muscle Gain Shortcuts!

scooby natty no more

There are truly shortcuts for gaining muscle that really work. In the progress chart, look at the spectacular gains I made between 2015 and 2018! The below youtube playlist shows three excellent shortcuts. I know I made fun of Mike Chang aka sixpackshortcuts for all his “shortcuts” but the below three are real and guarantee results

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Scooby, Natty No More

I figured that since everyone thinks I use PEDs anyway that I might as well do a cycle and show them what I can really look like by giving up my natty card. I have been working out 10 hours a week for over 35 years AND I have really good genetics which is why people have always assumed that I cheated when in fact, I have always been clean. My goal until now has always been health and fitness #1 - the physique was just a happy side benefit. If you look at my 30 year physique history, you...

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Scoobys New Muscle Gain Supplement


Availability This supplement is not available yet but I expect it to be late spring or early summer. Please check back on this page for the latest news and availability updates.  I am in no hurry and want to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect from the formulation to the production and the packing before releasing this product.  This supplement will only be sold here, on this page, and will not be available from anywhere else as I want to maintain strict control on freshness to insure maximum results.  When it is available, you will see a "Purchase Now"...

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