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Best Bodybuilding Snacks


What are the best snacks for bodybuilders?  It depends!!!  You can't answer this question in isolation because what matters is that at the end of the day everything fits perfectly into your nutritional plan.  Its like playing the Grand Theft Auto video game and you only have time to pick up either a rifle or a handgun - which do you pick up? It depends on what you have!  If you already have a machine gun and a sniper rifle then by all means, pick up the handgun.  If you have two handguns already they choose the rifle!  Snacks are...

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Scooby’s Airplane First Engine Start!

Scoobys airplane

Huge milestone. I started work on Dotty on November 1st, 2001. After about 3,000 hours work I had a major milestone yesterday - I started the engine for the first time!!! Some notes about this video that I should have explained. Since the engine had never been started, there was no fuel in the carburetors. The reason it had to crank so long before it kicked over was that the fuel pump had to suck the gas out of the header tank, fill the fuel line, and then fill the carburetor bowls before there were any vapors to burn. The...

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Bodybuilding nutrition and workout advice for Ramadan 2018


Ramadan starts tomorrow so its time again to talk about Nutrition and workout tips for the holy month of Ramadan.  For those who don’t know what Ramadan is, its a time for spiritual reflection and it is the most sacred month for Muslims. Between Fajr, the first prayer time of the day which is a few hours before sunrise, and Maghrib, the fourth prayer time of the day (around sunset), they do not eat nor drink anything and there other restrictions as well. First, let me point you to Ramadan and Bodybuilding as there is no need for me to repeat that information.   Many...

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Bodybuilding Food For A Week


Eating healthy is NOT expensive! This is an excuse that people use to eat fast food all the time.  Even a bodybuilder like myself with high protein needs can eat REALLY healthy food for $142 a week and that is eating almost all organic food. Probably the cheapest calories in the world come from fast food places like McDonalds.  If I were to eat at fast food 3 meals a day it would probably cost me $15-$20 a day or $105 - $140 a week.   Even the cheapest calories in the world at fast food restaurants are not that...

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Fitness Careers And Money

After years of being asked for advice on how to turn a passion for fitness into a career, I decided to make a free online seminar which is a series of four videos, 45 minutes in length. Right off the bat I will lose 90% of people who will reply "45min TLDR LOL!", best of luck to them. For those who stick around, I describe how I got where I am in the fitness world, not to gloat, but to help people see the formula I used so they can try and duplicate it. Seriously, how did a goofy, introverted...

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