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Treff Scooby im Wien, 1. Juli 2018

Von 1. Juli bis 14. Juli werde ich Deutsch bei Goethe Institut Wien studieren! Die erste "meet and greet" findet am Sonntag, 1. Juli um 16:00 Uhr am Stephan Dom statt. Ich werde bestimmt mehr Veranstaltungen haben, bitte folge mir auf Instagram um Mitteilungen zu bekommen. Es gibt ein kleines Problem.  Im Oesterreich darf ich nur Deutsch sprechen weil das ist der Grund weil ich im Wien bin.  Das problem liegt am mein Deutsch.  Die letze mal das ich Deutch gesprochen habe, war 1990-1991 im Muenchen.  Mein Wortschatz ist verschwunden, my Grammatik haesslich, und my Aussprache genervend.  Bitte haben Sie...

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Fat-Carb Cycling Diet (FCC)

Some new research indicates that keeping your fat away from your carbs when you are trying to lose weight is a good idea. Coupled with research which shows certain foods satisfy hunger better gave me an awesome idea for a new type of nutrition. Read more about the research and my philosophy behind the Fat-Carb Cycling Diet. You can also make a perfect and totally free Fat-Carb Cycling Diet (FCC) customized to your metabolic needs and goals in under 10 seconds using my new instant meal planner! Please also read about carb controlled diets for fat loss.

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Meal Planning Software EatThisMuch is a very slick and well designed meal planning tool for people who want to lose weight and learn to eat right.  MyFitnessPal is a fitness tracker.  It tracks exercise and calories.  The difference between a meal planner and a calorie counter is that a calorie counter simply calculates your macros for you whereas a meal planner designs your daily nutrition based on parameters you set. Although EatThisMuch is awesome for the general public to lose weight and learn to eat better, its missing a lot of the features needed by bodybuilders and athletes.  Athletes need...

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Were all gonna make it


"Were all gonna make it" - Nope, wish that were the case but there are a LOT of people who are not going to make it. Life lesson here, if you work really hard AND if you are really, really lucky then you *might* get what you have earned. A lot of people these days are entitled and think that they deserve all kinds of stuff they have never earned, they are NOT going to make it. Want a great physique, you gotta work hard for it and make sacrifices. Want to be financially independent and spend every day following your...

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16 lbs muscle in two months


If I am wrong about natural muscle gain expectations, I want to know about it!  My video on Natty muscle gain expectations (at bottom of this page) has gotten a lot of people riled up.    Many of these trolls make up all kinds of stuff to "prove" that they are right and that I am wrong.  People desperately want to believe that its possible to gain muscle fast and get very angry when you trounce on their dreams.  The below post from June 5, 2018 is different.  This is someone who seems not only sincere and has data.  Its...

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