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DEXA Bodyfat Scans


Many people become devastated when they get the result of their DEXA scan as it is far higher than they anticipate. People tend to defer to the 'experts' even when common sense says something is wrong. Just because an answer comes from a computer does not make it correct. For many decades we used things like flotation displacement tanks and skinfold calipers to measure bodyfat and with those we came up with charts like this: I can guarantee you that if your DEXA scan reports 30% that you look NOTHING like the 30% photo here. Here is what is my...

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Quaker Old Fashioned Oats tainted with Roundup


If you live in the EU or Canada then rejoice that you are not poisoned daily like we are here in USA. What could be healthier than old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast? Well, turns out, just about anything because oats are tainted with Roundup which is a cancer causing herbicide. Quaker Old Fashioned Oats tainted with Roundup The highest levels of Roundup (glyphosate) detected was in a sample of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats at 1,300 parts per billion. This REALLY pisses me off and it points out how lax the food regulations are here in America. The USDA is not...

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The ADHD Instagram era


This is the ADHD Instagram era where people get bored if a workout video is over 15s long. Video makers no pander to the attention deficit and simply give little information snippets. The problem is, success cannot come from disjointed snippets. In fact, often a little knowledge is worse than no knowledge.  What is most important in fitness is that you have a good complete workout plan.  Seeing a bunch of flashy bicep exercises simply leads beginners astray because what they need to be doing is a good full body workout with the big compound exercises - not 10,000 types...

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