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20 pound in 6 month challenge


20 pound in 6 month challenge I am getting friggin tired of all the silly e-statters telling me that I am wrong in this video on natural muscle gain expectations. In my experience, my muscle gain calculator is right on the money. $1000 challenge Enough silly e-statting and locker room boasting. If anyone over the age of 18 can naturally gain 20 pounds *of muscle* in 6 months and document it then I will donate $1000 to my local no-kill animal shelter. "document" means 6 months of daily weighings, daily skinfold caliper readings, daily lifting log entries, and weekly photos...

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Scooby quote of the day


People who rationalize every expenditure with "its ONLY $XX per month!" always end up with maxed out credit cards. It might be that a gym "only costs $40/mo" but your cellphone is "only $80/mo" and your cable TV is "only $60/month" and that brand new Ford Mustang you really didnt need is "only $375/month".  By the time you add up all those "its only ..." costs, you have nothing left at the end of the month to save.  

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