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Scooby should do neck training

neck training

Scooby should do neck training First, a lot of YouTube "experts" dont seem to realize that I am not their age - I am 60 years old.  People my age have much different priorities and limitations than these 20 something fake natties. To quote our good friend Helen who lived to be 99, "getting old is hell"  Every day is a challenge when you are older.  This is something that young folks dont understand.  Its pretty common that my back hurts so bad in the morning that tying my shoes is a challenge. We old folk cant workout like twenty...

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Kinobody pant busting boners

Serious question, is Greg O'Gallagher gay? For a straight guy he seems to be kinda obsessed with boners. His octane supplement gives you boners. Intermittent Fasting gives you boners - boners boners boners. I am gay and really don't want this supplement pushing skumbag on my team.

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Exciting Leangains Broscience

Just when I thought this stupid intermittent fasting thing had died along comes Kinobody to breathe new life into this money making machine. Here is the BS he touts as benefits of intermittent fasting: reduces acne reduces shortness of breath increases mental clarity prevents colds increases sex drive makes you crave healthier foods allows binging on huge meals get lean despite binging increases muscle growth Huh?  People still believe this guy?  This reads exactly like what it is, snake oil sales. I think we have the new Mike Chang minus the “Chinese Scientists”. I’m wondering how horrible the health of...

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CHANGED: Athens Greece Meet And Greet


I am REALLY sorry but I just got notified that the cruise line had changed our port schedule due to bad weather.  If you know anyone who was planning on coming on Sunday PLEASE tell them that it has changed to the same time on saturday. I feel really bad because I know often that people drive long distances for these and I dont want someone to show up only to find I left 24hours prior. Athens Greece Meet and Greet Now is now Saturday 16. February at 11:00am in front of the Parthenon, right where we are standing in this...

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Religious right gangs up on Scooby

religious right is wrong on gays

Religious right gangs up on Scooby The religious right tried to shut my video down for daring to suggest that couples might want to think thru the financial implications of children.  They activated their "prayer list" to gang up on me and mark this video as inappropriate in hope that they could silence me.  What they overlooked were two things: They mistook me for someone who gives a shit about monetization. The video DOES comply fully with Google policies.  After all the "inappropriate" flags, it was reviewed manually by YouTube and found to be in full compliance with their policies.  Disagreeing...

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Straight talk about being gay

straight talk about being gay

This is not as harsh as it sounds. Gay people are neither better nor worse than straight people, just different. Because the "children route" is a lot more difficult for us, we do not do it by default without thinking about it. Kids are not expected of gay couples like it is of straight couples. Truth be told, there are probably a lot of straight couples who had kids because of pressure from the parents or Grandparents rather than because they really wanted them. For gay couples, this lack of expectations is actually a huge blessing. Gay couples get to...

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Obesity is a worldwide epidemic


Worldwide obesity I am sad to report that obesity is not just limited to America, its a serious issue in Europe as well. This trip has help me shed a tiny bit of light on the issue though. In Marseille France at our hotel buffet we were the only ones under 20% bodyfat. For most people, obesity is a cumulative effect of dozens of tiny bad decisions every hour. When we arrived on our cruise ship with predominately French passengers we again note an alarming number of obese people. Walking around the ship of 2500 passengers, I am pretty sure...

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An excellent meal you actually eat is 100x better than the perfect meal you never eat


An excellent meal you actually eat is 100x better than the perfect meal you never eat! Perfection Quest: Many suffer from what I call the "perfection quest". These are the folks who comment on every cooking I do that I should shop at the farmers market every day to get fresh locally grown produce or grow my own food. Nobody in America holding a 9-5 job has time for this. Many people's heart is in the right place knowing that unprocessed locally grown food is best but because they dont have time to do it, they dont do anything and...

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