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Wechat Scooby in Hong Kong

Im in #HongKong. Find me on my temp #WeChat if you want to join me for some of my tourist journies. Wednesday (today) is Flower Market, Man Mo Temple, and a workout at pure Fitness  

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Overeaters Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous I want to give a plug to a great free worldwide organization that can help you lose weight, its called Overeaters Anonymous and they can be found at They have local chapters in over 25 countries and even have live online groups for those unable to attend an in person meeting. People with eating disorders have a very hard time in the world.  Not only do they get no sympathy but worse than that, they often get bullied and ridiculed.  Sometimes people truly cant control their eating.   Mental health issues and obesity intertwined. People suffering from depression often...

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(Un)healthy at any weight


Video index 00:55 Strong is healthy, right? 01:05 Five components of health 01:25 Pro BBers,on deaths doorstep 02:00 Healthy at any weight! 03:00 Research PROVES obese are healthy! 03:20 Hurried? Skip weights, do cardio! 03:55 For good health: low bodyfat 04:55 For good health: daily cardio 05:25 For good health: good nutrition 06:10 For good health: strength 06:35 For good health: low stress lifestyle 07:25 Fitness thought silos 08:15 The upward health spiril 09:30 Cardio kilz gainz 10:25 Its not healthy to be lean! 11:30 For the 1%   Before bodybuilders and powerlifters get all excited, this is not a...

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Meet Scooby in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka


When: Thursday the 4th of April, 2019 @ 20:00 Where: Lobby of Thaproban Pavilion Waves hotel Address: Wella Devala Road, Unawatuna, Unawatuna, 80600 Sri Lanka   I am doing a 2 week bike trek in Sri Lanka. Because my whereabouts are uncertain from day to day, I have planned a meet and greet for the end of my trek right before I fly out so as to be 100% sure I can make it. The rough route will be: Columbo, Negombo, Chilaw, Anaradhupura, Habarana, Sigiryia, Nalanda, Kandy, Nuwaraelizy, Bandarawela, Tissamaharama, Tangalle, Mirissa, Unawatuna.

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Meet Scooby in Hong Kong


Two meet and greets in Hong Kong this time. I want to see the light show from both sides of the harbor so there will be a meet and greet at rooftop bars on both sides! Skye Bar meet and greet DAY: Thursday 21st of March, 2019 TIME:  19:00 WHERE: Skye Bar ADDRESS: 27/F, 310 Gloucester Road (yelp listing) Eyebar meet and greet DAY: Friday 22nd of March, 2019 TIME: 19:00 WHERE: Eyebar ADDRESS: Shop 3001, 30/F, iSquare, 63 Nathan Road (yelp listing) Hong Kong Light Show Been to Hong Kong almost yearly but have never seen the light show.  Time to fix...

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The ugly secret about getting lean and ripped

ugly secret about getting ripped

The ugly secret about getting lean and ripped 00:55 optimal amount of cardio for fat loss 02:20 people who say losing fat is really, really easy 03:20 don't be so strict, live a little! 04:05 lighten up! It's just one donut!!!! 06:25 no such thing as "naturally lean" 06:56 I have "good nutrition" but cant lose fat! 07:48 why are you biking in freezing rain at 6:30am? 08:48 why not do cardio in the gym? 09:30 why scooby wants to lose fat 10:46 cure for lower back pain 11:20 being too lean is unhealthy, right? 11:51 bulking and cutting 13:13...

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Sheesh! Women drivers!


Turns out that men should let the women drive. This is from the April 2019 Consumers Reports, RED is women, BROWN is men. So only 29% of fatalities have a women driver, my guess is that this is simply a testosterone thing. I was wrong is suspecting that part of this was due to the fact that there are more men drivers than women drivers. Google says that there are more women drivers than men so it makes their low fatality rate even more impressive. Guys, let the woman drive! OK, now what I am wondering if its truly just...

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The “its only …” fallacy


The "its only ..." fallacy with money WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND?  When I do videos about how to become financially independent so you can follow your passions, people reply with: I work really hard.  I deserve to go out to dinner every night and "its only $20". The "its only ..." fallacy ruins many people and its not just with fitness, its financially as well. Its logic which causes Americans to have their credit cards maxed out. Going out to dinner every night instead of cooking at home is "only $20/day". A new iPhone is...

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