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Massive gains, fast!

massive gains, fast

Want to make massive gains fast?  Before reading any further, look at the before and after photos and decide how much muscle I gained in the after photo and how much smaller my waist is.  Only when you have an answer, read further . . (scroll down) . . . . . . . . . . . .   Its not a pill, its not a shot, its PHOTOGRAPHY!  By choosing the right camera angle and lighting.  Notice in the above photo the taper is much more impressive in the photo on the right side which makes me look...

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Why knowing bodyfat percentage is important

why knowing bodyfat percentage is important

Bodyfat percentage is just an arbitrary number.  The mirror and the waist size are what is important - not some arbitrary bodyfat number.  Having said tgat, there are two good uses for bodyfat tracking: 1. determining how well a weight training program is working to add LBM.  2. Cut planning.  To track LBM gain and know how well a weight training program is performing at adding muscle, bodyfat tracking is essential. Note that what is important is precision, not accuracy (see graphic). Skinfold calipers are cheap, quick, very precise, and very easy to use with a little practice so they are optimal...

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summer mini cut, lose 2% bf in 3 weeks


I designed CustomMealPlanner.Com to help me with my nutrition for my men's physique contest back in 2015 and have used it ever since then for all my nutritional planning.  Its awesome others like it as well, but I made it for ME :) This is a great example, 3 weeks ago in one of my titled "How to lift when work drains you" I mentioned that I was at 9% bodyfat and wanted to be at 7% bodyfat in 21 days for the White Party in Palm Springs that we are attending this weekend.  Precisely as the bodyfat charts predicted...

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White Party Palm Springs


My husband and I love costume events, we should really do a comicon someday.  In 9 days we are going to the 2019 White Party in Palm Springs and I will be recycling my Lone Ranger costume that I wore back in 2015 right before my men's physique contest when I was at 6% bodyfat.  No desire to get back down to 6% because I didnt like how gaunt my face was so my goal is 7.0%.  I am at 7.75% now with 9 days to go.  Although I wont get all the way down to 7.0% I will be close. Many people will...

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New Porsche for $250 per month

Porsche with Ford Fiesta payments

I have had this car for 6 years and it still gives me #SparksOfJoy.  Most people end up wasting all kinds of money on cars and I am here to show you how I got this new Porsche Boxter S with payments less than that of a Ford Fiesta which is the cheapest car in America.  I got my new 2006 Boxter for $250/mo. Leasing - how most people buy expensive cars You can buy a car with a loan but for high end cars, the payments can easily exceed your rent or house payment.  Because of this, most people...

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restless leg syndrome


RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) doesn't sound all that bad ... unless you have it.  Your legs become 'restless'.  It feels like you have been sitting too long and have to move them.  So whats the big deal, right?  Just move your leg and get on with it.  The problem is that this happens at night and the ache ends up keeping people from sleeping.  Does not matter how simple the cause, anything that keeps you from getting a full nights sleep can be devastating to productivity, health, and happiness. Here is the reason for this post, restless leg syndrome keeps...

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Gluten-Free Many people are interested in gluten free diets.  If you want a free gluten free meal plan that is customized for your precise metabolic needs that is optimized for health, muscle building, and fat loss, here is the best gluten free diet. This bodybuilding gluten free diet does not contain any of the highly processed, pre-packaged, and unhealthy foods you see at the grocery store but rather uses naturally gluten free, unprocessed foods. There are different magnitudes of problems that people have with gluten, lets start with the least problematic to the most deadly. Gluten intolerant, gluten sensitivity Often people...

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