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Electric Cars are like a multivitamin pill


People who don't exercise, don't get enough sleep, lead exceedingly stressful lives, and have horrible nutrition often think - "I need to do something for my health, I will take a multivitamin pill daily". Clearly the pill is doing more harm than good for these people because the pill enables their self-destructive behavior and prevents them from doing what is really necessary to become healthy: exercising and eating right. Same with electric cars. In my recent post on Facebook saying that a Porsche Boxter S was better than a Tesla Model S for the planet, I clearly stumbled upon a...

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24 Hour Fitness


Dear "Club Management" at 24 Hour Fitness, How stupid do you think people are? You say you are stopping towel service to save electricity and water and help the planet. Wait a minute! People are still required to use towels at the gym so how exactly is that helping the planet? Those towels are still being washed, just at members homes instead of the gym. You need to apologize to members for not being honest and direct. If towel service was costing you too much because of rising energy costs, then tell members the truth, you need to raise rates...

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Scoobys Last Video

Scooby1961 last video

Despite reports to the contrary, Scooby aka Scooby1961 never stopped making fitness and bodybuilding videos on YouTube and has been publishing one video a week since 2006. The reason that many people who used to follow Scooby1961 think he stopped making videos is that they subscribed before the "bell" for notification feature was available on YouTube. To be notified of new videos each week, you need to both subscribe AND click on the notification bell. On simply click on the bell icon which can be found to the right side of the number of subscribers.

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Broke Bodybuilder $1 Supermeal


This $1 supermeal for the broke bodybuilder is cheap and healthy. New research shows that spinach contains a natural steroid that increases muscle mass. This is a superfood meal perfect for the broke bodybuilder. This meal only costs about $1 and not only is it perfect for building muscle on a budget but its really healthy too.When you are on a tight budget, getting enough vitamins and anti-oxidants for healthy muscle building can be difficult but this $1 meal is packed with them. We hear the term "superfood" thrown around a lot, most of the time its to sell some...

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