Advanced Workout Plan

This advanced workout is appropriate if you can do 10 good pullups and 20 good pushups, otherwise, stick with the advanced intermediate workout plan. For most people it takes a full year of consistent workouts to get to where they can do this many pushups and pullups.

As an advanced bodybuilder you will be constantly mixing up your routine and changing exercises to maximize your progress. Please remember that this workout plan is just one suggested routine, feel free to modify it and substitute in your favorite exercises.

The only equipment you need to do this workout is a pullup bar and a used weight set from a garage sale. Please don’t waste money on new equipment, you can get it used for pennies on the dollar from craigslist. For a used weight set, expect to pay 10 cents to 50 cents per pound. Remember, your muscles don’t care if your weights are new, shiny, and chrome or rusty, used, and cast iron – don’t waste money on new stuff, buy used and save money! You can make your own pullup bar with $5 of metal toprail from a hardware store or buy a no-mar, door mount pullup bar.

If you are not sure this is the right workout for you, please use my personalized workout planner, it will design a custom workout program for you.

Please remember, working out without maintaining proper nutrition will drastically limit your results. If you dont understand my nutrition section then consider the book Bodybuilding Revealed which has the best coverage of bodybuilding nutrition I have seen (Read my review). Having healthy, tasty, easy to make recipies is key to good nutrition. If my free healthy recipes dont appeal to you then consider buying this bodybuilding cookbook (read my review).

Monday – Chest

ExerciseNumber setsNumber repsTempo
dumbbell flys34-82s up 2s dn
dumbbell press34-82s up 2s dn
incline press34-82s up 2s dn
incline fly34-82s up 2s dn
hip pushups*34-82s up 2s dn
Weights: 45 – 70 minutes
Cardio: 20 minutes – jog, brisk walk or bike
* or bench press if you have a bench press with safety catch bars or a competent spotter

Tuesday – Lats

ExerciseNumber setsNumber repsTempo
weighted pullups34-82s up 2s dn
dumbbell rows34-82s up 2s dn
narrow grip pullups34-82s up 2s dn
bent over rows34-81s up 1s dn
alternating grip pullup34-82s up 2s dn
Weights: 45 – 70 minutes
Cardio: 20 minutes – jog, brisk walk or bike

Wednesday – Legs

ExerciseNumber setsNumber repsTempo
lunges34-8 each leg2s up 2s dn
stiff legged dead lifts34-82s up 2s dn
skateboard squats*34-82s up 2s dn
weighted calf raises34-82s up 2s dn
hanging leg curls34-82s up 2s dn
Weights: 45 – 70 minutes
Cardio: 20 minutes – jog, brisk walk or bike
* or squats if you have a squat cage with safety catch bars or a competent spotter

Thursday – Shoulders

ExerciseNumber setsNumber repsTempo
alternating dumbell press34-82s up 2s dn
side raise34-82s up 2s dn
reverse flys34-82s up 2s dn
front raise34-81s up 1s dn
shrugs34-82s up 2s dn
inner&outer rotations310-202s up 2s dn
Weights: 45 – 70 minutes
Cardio: 20 minutes – jog, brisk walk or bike

Friday – Arms

ExerciseNumber setsNumber repsTempo
chair dips34-82s up 2s dn
dumbbell french press34-82s up 2s dn
scooby press34-82s up 2s dn
forced negative dumbbell curls34-82s up 2s dn
hammer curls34-82s up 2s dn
reverse curls34-82s up 2s dn
Cardio: 20 minutes – jog, brisk walk or bike & Weights: 45 – 70 minutes


Cardio:jog, brisk walk or bike for 20 minutes
AbsAdvanced Ab Workout + leg raises


Cardio:jog, brisk walk or bike for 20 minutes


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You will note that the biggest difference between this workout plan and the advanced intermediate workout plan is that here you are only working out one muscle group in a day. This is so you can work it out longer to get maximum gains. You will also note that like in the advanced intermediate workout plan, you are only working out each bodypart once in a week. This is because as an advanced bodybuilder you are working out so intensely that it takes 5-7 days for your body to rebuild the muscles.

Its important to note that there are many different goals people have when they are lifting weights. Most arguments about what is the “best workout plan” result because the people arguing have different priorities on the following workout goals:

advanced home bodybuilding workout
huge bodybuilder pecs
  • Increase strength
  • Increase impulse strength (jumping/punching/kicking)
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Lower bodyfat
  • Improve coordination
  • Improve balance
  • Increase endurance
  • Increase speed
  • Increase flexibility
  • Minimize risk of injury
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve vitals (BP, lipid levels, etc)
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Improve self confidence

In my workouts on this website, I have come up with a good general purpose workouts that give the most benefit with the least risk for the largest number of people. If you are a cage fighter or will be powerlifting in the next olympics, these workouts will help you but wont be optimal for your needs.