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Eat nuts, toss out egg yolks, reduce stroke

After controlling for smoking, hypertension, and family history of heart disease this huge meta-study of 210,000 people over 33 years gives our best evidence yet that fats from nuts are very good for us. How to read below chart: Vertical black line means average risk of stroke. Anything to the left of the vertical black lines is good - less than average chance of stroke. Anything to the right of the black line is bad - higher than average chance of stroke. A number of really interesting things in the above chart. First, walnuts seem to lower the risk of...

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What is a good snack for a bodybuilder?

good bodybuilding snacks

This is a question I see all too often.  People live in this weird old school world where they can only eat three square meals a day, and then they snack between meals to keep them from getting hungry.  If you ask them how many meals they are eating, they will say "three" which is incorrect because snacks count as meals.  People also have this weird idea that only the three square meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) count so only these meals need to be healthy.  Because snacks "don't count", many people don't think they have to be healthy or nutritious....

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One weird trick to gain muscle and lose fat


Very few things in life are this easy. Gaining muscle is a LOT of hard work and takes a LOT of time. Losing fat takes incredible dicipline. The trick I am about to tell you does not reduce the work BUT it gives you much better results for the work you are already doing. Work no harder, better results - almost a dream come true. Legitimate peer-reviewed research published in respectible journals backs me up here. If you sleep more, you will gain more muscle. If you sleep more, you will lose MORE fat and LESS muscle. Which leads me...

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Free Identity Theft Protection

This is about a very important personal finance issue, not fitness.  Every time there is a news headline of a  large retailer being hacked into and customer account information stolen, the companies selling "Identity Theft Protection" pop the cork on the Champagne and celebrate!  "Identity Theft Protection" costs between $9/mo and $40/mo.  That may not seem like much but over a decade that is nearly $5000 that you have literally wasted. These firms get rich by playing off the fear of consumers but in this post I will show you how to protect yourself for free. What is "Identity Theft Protection"?...

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Packed on 10lbs of muscle in 5 months!


I tried it out reddit 6 years ago and was not impressed and thought I would try it out again for a week. I have to admit, my first impression this week is not very favorable. For example this post: packed on 10 pounds of muscle in 5 months. Someone doing a 5 day split claiming 10 pounds of muscle gain as documented by poorly lit unflexed before pictures and stunning after pictures taken in perfect down lighting. My four comments are: A hardgainer natural lifter packed on 10 pounds muscle in 5 months? That's a muscle gain rate of...

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I don’t have time to eat healthy!


Yes, you do! You just don't know how so let me teach you - its called batch cooking. On a weekend you make a big batch of something and freeze it in individual meal sized containers. Then, in the morning during the work week when you are going 1000mph with not a moment to spare, you grab a frozen container out the door in the morning and then microwave it at work/school. Its actually a lot less time than driving to restaurants or waiting in lines at the deli so you can actually SAVE time during the week by brining...

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No Judgments Fitness?


No Judgments Fitness? I don't go to the gym often but when I do, I judge people but its probably not what you think.  I judge people by two simple things in a gym: Adherence to gym etiquette.  Do they just abandon their weights on the floor when they are done?  Do they block the rack of weights by doing curls right next to the mirror? Do they just move towels and water bottles off equipment to use it rather than asking who is using it and if they can work in?  Do they bicep curl in the solitary squat rack when there...

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One Weird Trick To Sleep Better

How To Sleep Better

Some people seem to be able to sleep anywhere, anytime - on a subway, on an airplane, sitting on a sofa. I have always been envious of these folk as I am a light sleeper. I often have spells where I either have trouble getting to sleep (not common) or spells where I wake up often and have trouble getting back to sleep (common). The slightest sound can wake me up. A motion sensor light outside turning on will wake me up. A bad dream will wake me up. Then there is pee. Not only am I old but I...

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Lose fat effortlessly with cauliflower rice


I am on a mini-cut for Halloween and Cauliflower Rice is an essential part of my fat loss 'system'.  There are a lot of ways you can lose fat and anything that keeps you in a consistent caloric deficit day after day will work BUT some ways are a lot easier than others.  The absolute hardest way to lose fat is calorie counting without changing your lifestyle or your nutrition.  The absolute easiest is making a few health substitutions, for example drinking water during the day instead of CocaCola.  Cauliflower rice is a great example of a healthy substitution and I eat...

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Best Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Plans


Although there are many vegan meal plans and vegan recipes, the problem for vegans who are active at sports is getting enough protein to gain muscle and get stronger.  McDougall is fine for sedentary people and is great for health but its not appropriate for anyone who is active in weightlifting sports. CustomMealPlanner has two different vegan meal plans which cater to gym goers and athletes: The "Vegan-Health" nutritional type caters to those who are more interested in health and basic fitness.  Although this does not have "bodybuilding" in the name, it has FAR more protein than any vegan meal plans you...

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