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20 pound in 6 month challenge


20 pound in 6 month challenge I am getting friggin tired of all the silly e-statters telling me that I am wrong in this video on natural muscle gain expectations. In my experience, my muscle gain calculator is right on the money. $1000 challenge Enough silly e-statting and locker room boasting. If anyone over the age of 18 can naturally gain 20 pounds *of muscle* in 6 months and document it then I will donate $1000 to my local no-kill animal shelter. "document" means 6 months of daily weighings, daily skinfold caliper readings, daily lifting log entries, and weekly photos...

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Scooby quote of the day


People who rationalize every expenditure with "its ONLY $XX per month!" always end up with maxed out credit cards. It might be that a gym "only costs $40/mo" but your cellphone is "only $80/mo" and your cable TV is "only $60/month" and that brand new Ford Mustang you really didnt need is "only $375/month".  By the time you add up all those "its only ..." costs, you have nothing left at the end of the month to save.  

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DEXA Bodyfat Scans


Many people become devastated when they get the result of their DEXA scan as it is far higher than they anticipate. People tend to defer to the 'experts' even when common sense says something is wrong. Just because an answer comes from a computer does not make it correct. For many decades we used things like flotation displacement tanks and skinfold calipers to measure bodyfat and with those we came up with charts like this: I can guarantee you that if your DEXA scan reports 30% that you look NOTHING like the 30% photo here. Here is what is my...

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Quaker Old Fashioned Oats tainted with Roundup


If you live in the EU or Canada then rejoice that you are not poisoned daily like we are here in USA. What could be healthier than old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast? Well, turns out, just about anything because oats are tainted with Roundup which is a cancer causing herbicide. Quaker Old Fashioned Oats tainted with Roundup The highest levels of Roundup (glyphosate) detected was in a sample of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats at 1,300 parts per billion. This REALLY pisses me off and it points out how lax the food regulations are here in America. The USDA is not...

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The ADHD Instagram era


This is the ADHD Instagram era where people get bored if a workout video is over 15s long. Video makers no pander to the attention deficit and simply give little information snippets. The problem is, success cannot come from disjointed snippets. In fact, often a little knowledge is worse than no knowledge.  What is most important in fitness is that you have a good complete workout plan.  Seeing a bunch of flashy bicep exercises simply leads beginners astray because what they need to be doing is a good full body workout with the big compound exercises - not 10,000 types...

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Gain 3/4 inch on your biceps in just one workout!

Is this hilarious or what??? I did a live broadcast of my cardio workout biking up the mountain which had the title "Live cardio workout!" and YouTube flagged it "not suitable for most advertisers". Clearly doing cardio does not make anyone money ... so I changed the title to "Gain 3/4" on your biceps in ONE workout" to please their advertisers. Here is the video ... Daily cardio is the #1 most important thing you can do for your health. If you have time to either lift weights or do cardio then DO THE CARDIO!  Yes, lifting weights helps...

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Planning and navigation of long distance bike trips

I have been doing long distance bike trips since the late 1980s and have always loved it.  Back in the 1980s was pre-GPS navigation so paper maps and compass were the only way to get around.  Although this type of navigation was very satisfying, it was also very time consuming and often led to frustration of not being able to bike as hard as I wanted because of the constant stops to check with the map. Enter GPS and the whole world changed.  I have virtually every device out there so I can tell you from experience which is the...

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Brutal home upper body workout


When you have not been able to workout for a week or you know you are about to be put into a situation when you cannot workout for a week, a workout like this is the perfect thing! Basically it is a supersetting upper body workout that crams as many sets as possible into an hour. If you want, you could add lunges or dumbbell squats to make it a complete body workout.  Note that I do stiff legged deadlifts in this workout so I do hit hamstrings but not quads. Because you have not been working out or are...

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Wien Abschiedsfeier, Donnerstag 19:00 Sign Bar

I have had an amazing time in Vienna but its time to say goodbye and bike to Zurich. I plan to start biking as soon as I awaken on Friday morning. I plan on getting a cocktail at the Sign Bar to celebrate my time in Wien, please stop by if you can! I will be there from 19:00 until 20:30.  The SignLiechtensteinstr. 104 - 106 1090 Vienna  I still have some logistics to work out, namely where to store my suitcase here in Wien, but I should have that all sorted out by 19:00 on Thursday! Scooby drinks alcohol??...

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Trainieren mit Scooby in Wien!

Trainieren mit Scooby in Wien! Das ist dein Gelegenheit mit Scooby zu trainieren wenn du in Wien wohnst!!!  Diese Wochenende, Samstag 7.7.2018, Donauinsel 16:00-18:00 Wir machen ein Ziehen Workout.  Wenn Sie ein "suspension trainer" oder wiederstandbaende hast, bitte, bringst sie mit! Die Treffpunkt am Google Maps  Es sind nicht genau richtig aber wenn du hier bist kannst du mir sehen. Genauer Karten gibt es nicht.   Cafe Savoy nach dem trainierung  20:00-22:00   Wahrend des Woche habe ich uberhaubt kein Zeit um Bier zu trinken und ich wurde gern Cafe Savoy besuchen.  Ich wurde mich freuen wenn du koennst mitgehen...

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