Jarrow ruins chocolate whey protein


Jarrow chocolate whey protein powder has resistant maltodextrin and Luo Han Guo which are "100% natural" but so is mold and I dont want that in my whey either. There is a good reason that I always recommend getting unflavored protein powder and adding your own flavors and sweeteners, this is a great example.  Two years ago when I wrote Top 5 Best Protein Powders, Jarrow's chocolate formulation was fine: just whey, cocoa powder, and stevia.  Now they have ruined it.  LOL!  They claim its "100% Natural".  Last time I checked natural products cannot be trademarked, take a look at the list of ingredients.  By...

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DNA analysis for fitness


Let me save you $200 on your DNA analysis for fitness and tell you what you need to know to get healthy, gain muscle, and get stronger. The latest expensive trend is people getting their DNA analyzed for fitness and people who do these expensive tests swear by them. I should start selling "DNA Test Kits" for fitness myself to cash in on these people who have far too much money. After two weeks of "analysis" each customer would get the following "DNA results": You lack the enzyme to effectively metabolize alcohol, avoid alcohol. You have a genetic defect which hinders...

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DEXA scans, x-rays, and cancer


There is what I consider to be an alarming trend of people running to get DEXA scans to get their bodyfat measured "accurately", more about why I quote the world accurately later.   People tend to dismiss the radiation of a DEXA scan as being "less than a dental x-ray", well, I even limit dental x-rays to a  bare minimum.  There is a difference too, an occasional dental x-ray is important for health because one needs healthy teeth to be able to eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables and without a healthy diet, the rest of the...

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Biking legend Mike Hall killed by car

Mike Hall

RIP the inspirational endurance cyclist Mike Hall who made my bike treks look like walks to the mailbox.  He pushed the limits of what cyclists thought possible.  What makes his death hit particularly close to home for me is the fact that he was killed in Canberra a week after which about 40 miles from where I filmed the below bike safety video a week before his death. Do not let this tragic death deter you from biking, everything in life has risks and rewards, and in my opinion the rewards dwarf the risks.  You have to stack the deck in...

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America is a 3rd world country


America is a 3rd world country when it comes to health and fitness. Just as in Sweden, I am blown away by the high fitness level of tge average person on the street in Austrslia. USA does not invest in recreational and exercise facilities for the public. In Australia it seems like every block is another public lap pool with fitness center. Beautiful and manicured parks everywhere for walking and sports. Get this too, FREE bathrooms on most corners – the nice self cleaning kind. You can actually stay properly hydrated without worrying about where to pee. Making it easy...

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The Amazing Human Body


Many people simply do not realize what an amazing machine the human body is or what it is capable of. Guys love lifting weights because the results are so visible but years of cardiovascular training has its own rewards. If you think your powerlifting/crossfit workout qualifies as cardio because it leaves you totally gassed, don't fool yourself, its just that you are in terrible cardiovascular shape. I have done centuries and double century rides before (100mi and 200mi) but nothing that compared to yesterdays 10hr 100 mile ride with nearly 7000' of vertical. The kicker was that I did it...

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What women want


Last night I saw #GarthBrooks on TV in Yankee Stadium and you could tell the thousands of the young women in the crowd adored him. I had a funny thought while watching. If Taylor Lautner at his prime was standing next to Garth Brooks on stage and they both grabbed the microphone and said to the women in the crowd “Come get me!”, #TaylorLautner would be trampled and perforated by high heels with the stampede of women trying to get to Garth. Fifth Avenue marketing firms and their billions of dollars of ads have somehow convinced young men that having...

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There is no "best workout", only a best workout for a particular person at a particular point in time. Since introducing my free custom workout planner at LeanMuscleSystems a year and a half ago, over 400,000 people have made custom workout plans to suit their needs perfectly. There are lots of great workout plans out there, most of them free, but some of them rather expensive.  What they all have in common is that they are "best" for only a very small subset of the fitness population.  That's the whole reason I started this project, as a way to help people figure...

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New supplement builds muscle 13.5x faster than creatine!


This new supplement builds muscle 13.5x faster than creatine and 3x faster than pro-hormone supplements. Finally a supplement that builds muscle fast! Am I natty? Well technically, but this supplement has given me an unfair advantage that has given me this physique that is remarkable for a 55 year old. Please share this, its really important! If vegetables were a drug, they would be the #1 best seller! A paper published in the Journal of Epidemiology analyzed 95 studies looking into the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables for more than 2 million people on multiple continents. After taking other factors into...

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If vegetables were a drug, they would be the #1 best seller

vegetables more effective than statins

If vegetables were a drug, they would be the #1 best seller! A paper published in the Journal of Epidemiology analyzed 95 studies looking into the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables for more than 2 million people on multiple continents. After taking other factors into account like smoking, activity levels, and weight, they found that eating 10 servings of fruit and veg a day was associated with a 24 percent reduced risk of heart disease, a 28% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, a 33 percent reduced risk of stroke, and a 13 percent reduced risk of total cancer.  There is no drug available from any pharmaceutical...

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