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Anabolic Cooking Muscle Building Recipes by Dave Ruel
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Most people fail at fitness but not because they are lazy or have no willpower, its the opposite. Most people fail because they are impatient for results and work at it TOO hard! They have unrealistic expectations which just sets them up for failure. They start a starvation diet instead of sensible nutrition which soon leads to binging and failure. They are too aggressive with their weight workout program and end up injured or over trained. This interactive tool will provide you with a realistic fitness plan to reach your goals based on your individual needs!

NOTE:This tool is being replaced by my new and much more advanced CustomWorkoutPlanner, give it a try! Until QA is done on Dec 15, 2015 there will be a few bugs but give it a try!

Make your body transformation a scoobysworkshop success story!

I agree to consult with my physician before starting this exercise program.
Where you are now
Step 1: Enter Your Age
Step 2: Your Current Bodyfat
Step 3: Your Current Strength
Your goal
Step 4: Select Your Goal
Step 5: How Long Do You Have To Achieve Your Goal?
What you are willing to do
Step 6: Time Available For Fitness
Step 7: Your Nutrition Dedication
What you have available to you (check all that apply)
bicycle or stationary bike jump rope
gym membership workout partner
strong pullup bar squat cage with adj safety catch bars
a few assorted weights and dumbbells bench press with adj safety catch bars
complete home weight set ( >350lbs of plates)


Exercising without maintaining proper nutrition will drastically diminish your results. Proper nutrition is just as important as exercising when it comes to adding muscle mass or losing fat. Don’t bother tearing your muscles down unless you plan on giving them the constant supply of nutrients they need to rebuild! If my free healthy recipes dont appeal to you then consider buyin this bodybuilding cookbook (read my review).

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