Ibuprofen and Bodybuilding

Ibuprofen (advil, motrin, etc) is commonly prescribed to control joint pain, inflammation and tendonitis.  If your doctor has prescribed this therapy for your joint pain, make sure to follow ALL his advice, especially the icing regimen.  It’s easy to pop the pills and feel instant relief but remember that icing can help too and has fewer side effects so don’t skip this part of your treatment if you doctor has recommended it.  Another important issue to remember is that when you are on ibuprofen your ability to feel pain is diminished, which can be a good thing and a bad thing.  If you are training with heavy weights and you are on heavy doses of ibuprofen, you may not get warning body’s warning signal (pain) and end up severely injuring yourself.

Lifting heavy weights while on ibuprofen is like leaving your car in a bad part of town with the alarm system turned off.

It’s asking for trouble!  So, what to do?  Unless your doctor told you to stay out of the gym, lets just be sensible here.  Lets do high rep workouts with moderate to light weights.  It wont kill you to skip lifting heavy for a few months, in fact, it might help you bust thru a plateau.  Try my killer zero rest workout and find out how hard it can be to do a workout with light weights!