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This is 20 year old Dan from Long Island who lost 47lbs and made an amazing transformation! Its amazing what old fashioned nutrition and exercise can do.

Dan writes:

“My name is Dan, I’m currently a film editor. Basically when I got out of high school I started working as an editor, sitting on my behind all day and night and eating nothing but BK, McDonalds, and just pretty much lived a terrible lifestyle. I went up to 197 lbs which for me is terrible because I’m only 5’7, which puts my BMI at 30.9, technically Obese. It was actually one day when I was at McDonalds getting breakfast that I saw one of the most beautiful girls. She just caught my eye like crazy. I never saw her since, but it was at that point in time when I said “wow…..I can’t live like this”. My training now is 5 days a week, I do about 30mins of cardio followed by about an hour and a half of weight training. When I came across your website I learned A LOT about nutrition and it really helped.

Best, Dan”

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