Eating Healthy at Airports

Want to eat healthy at the airport? Best best is to find a mexican place like this that serves burritos. I recommend the basic chicken burrito, hold the cheese, hold the sour cream. Often to insure I get something truly healthy I special order a simple bean and rice burrito. These burrito places are much more common than they were a decade ago and you can find one in almost every airport. As a bonus, burritis are great to take on the plane with you and easy to eat with your elbows pinned against your sides. With the ever shrinking airline seat, eating with a knife and fork just isnt possible for this big boy.

Fast food places like Burger King or Mc Donalds are hit or miss. If they have a grilled chicken (not breaded or deep fried) you have a chance. The problem is the goopy mayo based sauce they slather on. Often you cant special order to have it removed and when you can, in my experience they slop it on anyway about 75% of the time.

Failing any healthy choices, dig into your emergency reserve of protein bars in your carry on bag, I always have at least a dozen.

Thats it for now. Im checked in, my bags were packed to perfection. The bike suitcase weighed 49.1 lbs and my gear/food bag weighed 49.7 lbs. I am GOOD! :)

11 thoughts on “Eating Healthy at Airports”

  1. Another one I thought I would mention at Mc Donalds regional wide they do salad with grilled chicken, if you must eat at fast food I recommend that because everything comes in pouches so you can choose whether you want the cheese and ranch dressing or not.

  2. hey scooby have you ever tried those whey protein shots? I take them while flying, pretty darn cheap but an excellent protein source none the less

  3. Well..Bad idea to eat the burrito if your afraid of using the bathroom on the plane..And Scooby you spelled Burrito wrong :P You said Burritis :P

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