Eating healthy at the breakfast buffet

My first German breakfast!

OK, its not really Traditional German but a typical breakfast buffet at a German hotel. This is a great example of how to eat healthy at a restaurant. The buffet had the most tempting array of greasy meats, cheeses, fried potatoes, sugary pastries, and untold simple carbs but there are always healthy choices! The raw salmon is common at breakfast buffets and its awesome, lean protein and omega III fatty acids – score! The fruit is great and the whole wheat bread for some complex carbs. Muesli is great for carbs too, its just oats mixed with fruit. I would have had it but oats are Ive eaten for 48hrs and I was beginning to feel like a horse. Call me weird but I think German coffee is the best in tge wirld! Its strong and has a great flavor, I think its their water.

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  1. Scoob ! NO WAY ! Maybe in comparison to the coffee in the US the german one is good. But hey ! You have to try out Napoletan (Italy) espresso to understand what coffee is ! :-)

  2. Scooby, thanks so much for all your videos and your amazing site. Enjoy your holidays! I hope one day you come to Argentina! :)

  3. Hi Scooby,

    If you happen to be near Cologne just tell me and you can save the money for a hotel, get a real German breakfast and I'd even give you a tour around the city.

    You just helped me a lot with my fitness so I'd be more than glad to give something back.

  4. Yes, Germans wather is much better than in the USA, it´s not so filled up with clochlorine. But also the food is usually healthier and the mean ingredien is not sugar. You can tell it by peoples shape.

    However, I was loving the Starbucks Coffee (Au Pairs favorite place) Oh my gosh, I spend so much money in this company…

  5. German coffee is the best??? I think you are just trying to flame French and Italian. I know how awful American coffee is!!!

    I'm glad you are enjoying your stay in Germany. Trip in Europe is a great pleasure because they always serve best coffee, best bread and best cheese at breakfast. And the current weather should be perfect for exercise! Japan is steaming hot and I exercise only early in the morning or late at night!

  6. Have a look for the german "Magerquark": 12% protein, 4% carb, 0.3% fat
    "Harzer Käse": 30% protein, 0% carb, 0.5% fat
    Do you have that in America?

  7. Yes scooby,everybody wants to know it, where are you in germany?i think you´ve many fans in germany who wants to meet you. have fun…greets marc

  8. i dont think that this bread is "whole wheat" scooby. We call it "kornspitz" and its made of normal wheat. Brown Sugar is added to get the brown / healthy colour :( if this is a real whole wheat one then you have choosen a very nice Hotel :)

  9. Glad you are enjoying your stay in my home country! I hope that the people are polite and friendly! Enjoy your stay man!

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