Is this hat too cool for my quirky image?

This cool hat is a gift from EvilCyber of the AskScooby forum, gave it to me when we had dinner together yesterday Its so fashionable and cool, not sure it fits my quirky image. I dont know, what do you think? I dont want people thinking Ive become fashionable all of a sudden. Should I do my next video in this hat? I will at least wear it off camera while on the Tour de Hans cycling tour :)

35 thoughts on “Is this hat too cool for my quirky image?”

  1. LOVE this hat Scooby – German flag plus the new version of what used to be the Imperial Eagle. Same color scheme and logo the BundesWehr use/wear today. I really like it – plays to your German background in a positive manor :)

    If nothing else, its nice to own!

  2. Rain protection device? Dude, his sheer awesomeness would repel away even a typhoon!

    The hat seems a tad bit too small for you though…

  3. I doubt that this cap has the super power that you need for the Tour de Hans!
    Why on earth did EvilCyber give this to you? The weather is turning yucky in Germany. No improvement within the next 2 weeks. He should have given you a shirt, or some rain protection device..

  4. You ride your bike without a helmet?! After preaching the dangers of palm pushups and the like? not very consistent…

  5. @Escrivel
    No it will kill him!

    @Scooby, stay away from it, it is disgusting! xD and not healthy at all !

  6. Do it man :-)

    Oh one thing for your nutrition in germany:
    If you would be in Baden-Württemberg you have to eat our famous traditional meal: Linsen mit Spätzle!

  7. Well….there are no svastikas on the rear, so….I think you will not turn heads for the wrong reasons Scooby: D
    Anyway I find it cool, so do your next videos in it, would love to see peoples reactions in comments: D

  8. Nice hat, but unlike your floppy hats, it won't protect your ears and the back of your neck against sunburn. Good for keeping the sun out of your eyes, fine for videos, and a nice keepsake, though!

  9. I think it's a good look, defiantly not we are used to seeing off you. I think it would be cool for the vids where you aren't working out.

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