Scooby gets hit butt kicked, literally

I can barely walk after my 13hr ride today. The biggest challenge on the Tour de Hans will be to keep fron destroying my butt. Im an idiot, no idea what I was thinking. Doing 130 miles on smooth roads is one thing but I had forgotten that although German bike paths are excellent, they are often gravel or cobblestone. With my tiny 20″ wheels and the narrow tires I got my butt pulverized and abraded into oblivion. The heavy packs didnt help matters any either.

It was stupid of me to plan on this kind of daily mikeage but hotel reservations are paid for, I do my 120mi a day or waste my pre paid hotels. I always tell people to set aggressive but achievable goals. This trip is at the very limit of my ability, closer to my limit tgan I was planning on.. I am being very, very careful with my nutrition to minimize muscle loss. Even with this extreme level of cardio, I dont expect to have any measurable muscle loss. Protein every 2-3hrs!

The day started out fine, smooth roads, beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, so I was constantly to take photos and gawk Then I looked at trip computer and panic set in, it was 1pm and I still had 75miles to go- excellent planning!! Not!. Then everything started to go wrong. First it started to pour. Then the howling headwind started. But worst of all, those cobbledtone paths! Butt-brutal! Not only that, they cut speed by about 50% and that was not in my schedule. Heres how bad my time estimate was, I was planning on visiting a castle which would have taken 4hrs, even skipping that, I barely made it by dark. The entire 13hrs, I only stopped about 20 minutes, only long enough to buy water.

OK, not everything went wrong. My 10yr old bike Friday held up admirably despite the ultra heavy load and the rough roads. My Bike GPS saved my butt a zillion times. The route was really complicated and I had zero time to waste making wrong turns and scratching my head. I was able to plan the route at home on my computer then upload it to the GPS. Then it was easy to navigate because the route I had pre chosen was highlifhted on the GPS. My camera trapeze worked great! Tge last 7hrs of cycking I didnt have time to stop but I could just shoot video whike biking. Of course, Ill have to do image stabilazation or everyone watching it will barf.

The photo is me in front of the amazing cathedrsl in Cologne. Dont be fooled by the smile, its pasted on! . Worlds record for the most windows, including a really cool and controversial modern art window. Thought it was very appropriate to have my photo taken in front of the controversial window, you can kinda see it. Ive been in europe 6days now and still nobody has given me a shirt, Im waiting folks! Whoever gives a shirt will have my eternal gratitude, it was cold and rainy today. If I had a shirt I *might* have considered wearing it.

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  1. hey scooby! right place, wrong time i guess… would have given you my shirt right away if i had seen you cycling through cologne! :) you need to tell your german "consumers" where and when you show up. a lot of us really appreciate your work! studying sports myself i can tell you it's good to see someone sharing usefull information about bodybuilding and nutrition based on DECADES(!) of experience. thank you for doing this!
    Gruß aus Köln und noch viel Spaß in Deutschland :)

  2. Scooby, don't worry, you're lucky you did not come to poland, roads here are terrible :D

    Good luck on rest of your trip


  3. I couldn't let you have all the fun scooby so with your inspiration I biked 25 miles yesterday and my butt hurt so bad. You gotta consider that I haven't biked for a year and honestly haven't done much cardio since then(yes I know it's bad)I always wanted to buy a bigger seat but was too lazy. I can't imagine how bad it must hurt after 100+ miles. I feel for you scooby.

  4. Hey Scooby,

    you are a really cool and clever man and your advices are very helpful. But in this case I am
    a little bit in sorrow that you don't use your Trip to Germany in a wise way.

    You are beeing on vacation and arent hunted. Prioritize sightseeing and getting impressions from the nature first and when you have finished that do as much sports as you want to.

    The best of a trip is that you remember it years after and you want to remember castles and impression, not a hurting butt(you can have that at home everyday if you want to). Just Change arrangement with the hotels.

  5. Damn I need to tell my 50yr old dad about you. Maybe it will motivate him to lose that belly he got over the years.

    btw are you checking your heart rate from time to time? how's that going for you?

  6. compulsiveness helps on lifting/fitness. Bike touring is fuzzy logic. Planning not good for on the bike,

  7. I think you’ll pack a shirt and your other bike next time. Maybe one of those gel seat covers too. Lol Lesson learned buddy now just tough it out because you know you can.

  8. Wuddup Scoob!!
    Sounds like you're having a great time in Europe…
    Hope you achieve and surpass your goals…
    Thanks for all the great info!!

  9. Thanks for posting updates on your trip. It's awesome. I'd love to do something like that one day. Maybe not as much biking as you though :)

  10. Don't wear a shirt – it's giving in. You should do your whole Europe trip, US-Europe-US without wearing one. It will be legendary. DONT'T SELL OUT……..

  11. keep goin scooby (well you dont have much choice anyway :D)

    you are the man!!!!

    !!!!MIND OVER MATTER!!!!

  12. Sad to hear that your trip didn't start that pleasant :( I hope it will be better for you in the coming days! :)

  13. hey scooby. PLEASE TELL US WERE YOU ARE GOING TO BE. We we ( your german fans ) might even have a little chance to see you and to take a photo with you. my best friend and i even thought of flying to america to look after you because you are the most awesome guy ever. best wishes and enjoy your tip. aaron ( wrote you at facebook )

  14. Hey Scooby,

    I recommend a springing seat post for your bicycle. It wont be the best solution for a smoothly ride but it prevent of the worst. I dont know if there exist any propiate weight class for you. Good luck and never give up


  15. Scooby, maybe you didnt notice this but you're FIT :) i surprised myself about your trip being 50 years old darn :)

    Next year you could do "El camino de Santiago" in Spain on your bike too… many people do it and the route is awesome ;)

  16. aww scooby. I hate the feeling too of sore glutes after a long bike ride. Thanks for updating :D really makes my day to check up on you. You and hans are really lucky to see such great sites. Enjoy!!!

  17. Hey Scooby, I hope that with each day passing you become more accustomed to the ride. Enjoy your trip and shoot as many pictures/video that you can to share with us.

    You are truly an inspiration to everyone.


  18. Yeah your were in my home city! I just LOVE Cologne, it is my city you know. Hope your butt does not hurt too much and you do not have to feel much more pain in your musculus gluteus maximus. We do not like pain but DOOMS! :-)

  19. Scooby you are the man! What an inspiration. No matter what happens have fun. Can't wait to see your next vid.

  20. Man that looks like an awesome trip. Hope you get a little time during the day to enjoy the traveling with all the miles you are putting in.

  21. awesome scooby you're a beast…if you'll be riding somewhere in Czech Republic post an update about it here and i'll give u one of my t-shirts :D

  22. :)You should see the roads in Bulgaria… cycling on the German roads is probably a walk in a park compared cycling ours roads.I say that because I cycle regulary and I know what it means "Butt-brutal".Still don't give up I am reading every post from your blog and I would like to read more about Tour de Hans and your adventures in Germany my friend.
    From a big fan of your work and your site.Keep up the good work.

  23. Wow Scooby, good luck to you, sounds stressful.

    I hope it all works out for you and that the distance becomes more manageable for you. Hopefully you can keep us updated. I can't imagine the tiny radius of those wheels are helping much either, though I doubt there is much to be done about that now.

    Best of luck to you.

  24. Scooby i have to say: Its always a pleasure, refreshing my browser an see a new blog entry from you! Thumbs up!

    One thing for your butt: In germany (especially in the south) there is a very good company selling pure natural medicine and creams. Its called WELEDA. If you can buy a cream from them this would be a heaven for your butt. Just try a give me a mail for detailed informations.

    Oh one thin scooby: Cologne is veeeeeeerry popular for his gay community. Its maybe kind of "dangerous" to ride through cologne with no shirt on :-)

    greetings and have a nice -regeneration- night

  25. Wow that bike ride sounds brutal! It is amazing that a person of your age has such a high level of fitness. Enjoy the rest of your trip and way to persevere against the road and harsh weather!

  26. Awesome Scoooby ;D
    You're an inspiration for everone, not only as a strenght/body- builder, but as a person!; you're awesome!

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