Very few people are naturally ripped!

Very few people over the age of 21 can eat whatever they want and still have 6-pack abs – maybe 1%. This important because many people have a fatalistic view and maje excuses, they say:

“I have a slow metabolism, I cant get lean”

Poppycock! Thats just an excuse! The photo here shows how much sugar and cream I had with my 5 cups of coffee this morning- they were completely full when I started! If I did that every day I would become clinically obese in short order. I have the most incredible sweeth tooth, people who dont know me well just cant comphrehend the magnitude of it. I could easily polish off a pound of fudge or two dozen donuts and still want more. Its only thru strict dicipline that I can stay lean. People sometimes wonder why I am such a nutritional Nazi, its because I HAVE to be in order to stay lean. The reason I teach such strict nutrition is that I think a lot of people are like me. They might not have a sweet toith but they have some equivelent vice that needs to be held in check to stay lean.

Best advice for people like me, dont allow your vice-food into your house. If you dont buy it at the store, its easier to avoid it!!

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  1. I don't buy my vice food but my mom does unfortunately. But I honestly try my best to stay away from it.

    Btw I LOVE your articles! I hated waiting for your videos to be uploaded on youtube. This is awesome. I'm glad I tracked you on twitter to learn and get inspired by your advices.

    I think you helped a lot of people posting your twitter name on your last video, scooby. I'm sure a lot of people like me were hungry for your knowledge in nutrition and couldn't stand waiting for every one of your videos to be uploaded.

    I love you so much scooby!

  2. I have to agree there scooby. im exactly the same. i have a sweet tooth as well and the only way i can keep my stomach lean and in form is through strict cardio and nutrition. keep up the good work brother!!!

  3. milk products are awesome! the majority of my daily protein comes from it and im ripped! so please dont diss milk and its products. its the whole nutrition not just a few products that make you succeed or fail.

  4. If only… Scooby, 99% of us don't have the willpower to do what you do; I certainly don't! If we did, one third of us wouldn't be obese.

    That said, a trick like keeping fattening food out of the house is one of many things we can do to stay the course.

  5. It is not all about the hard discipline! I learned over a longer time what is a good nutrition. Therfore I have to selected the good right kowledge Many people (Like me in the past) dont know what they put in the mouth the whole day, because they just hungry and unknowing. I was eating to much sugar an my insuline level was jumping around and say more Sugar. So I skip the Sugar!
    Almost all fast food have to much calories and wrong nutrients proportion. So I skiped fast food!
    You need enough carbs and also protein to get quickly full. All kinds of milk product makes you realy fat and fat looking. I skip for a few weeks the cow poison and lost incredible fast weight. I suppose a lot of weight was stored as water under my skin.
    Also many people havnt the right sense to be saturated and eat to much. In the past i was drinking juice instead of tea and water…
    I have done the changes in my diet step by step, this is maybe a factor of success.

  6. Just go do shopping after a big meal, you won't have appetite means you won't have cravings, those combined with an average dicipline and you'll never put fatty's and sugary stuff into your house!

  7. Scooby,

    that's true and in my opinion way too many have too little discipline when it's about nutrition.

    Are you still cycling around Frankfurt? :P

    Man sieht sich! …Vielleicht

  8. You're completely right Scooby :) There are a lot of people like you and I've believe that you've inspired many with your website, videos and blog :) Sry that I can't give you a shirt, but there is a long from Denmark to Germany :P

    Greetings from a looooong time follower :)
    Looking forward to all future posts

  9. True for me as well! I didn't keep my intake in check over the last couple of weeks, and it quickly shows! Glad to be working hard again, both in the weight room as in kitchen, that is.

  10. I agree! I LOVE me some mayo. I don't put it in my house because I love it waaaay too much. I don't even give it a foothold. Good advice.

  11. Scooby, you're the man. Thanks for your honesty and your desire to stay the course. If only more Christians were this honest…

  12. Scooby, you're the man. Thanks for your honesty and your desire to stay the course. If only more Christians were this honest…

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