Didnt even earn my big breakfast! Yet.

Although I did 105 miles today, conditions were perfect – smooth, hard roads and a tailwind. I dont even feel like I earned my big breakfast. Today is a perfect day to fit in a workout, Im gonna do an hour of pushups and crunches in the hotel room tonight. Today was my one cush day but the next two will be really, really dificult as I will be doing 100+ miles each day and its mountainous. The next two days I need to make sure Im on the road by 7am so I dont run out of daylight.

Here is a photo of me near Boppard on the Rhine, I love Boppard!

Now its workout time, it will keep me from falling to sleep at 7pm- I need to stay awake till 8:30pm!

19 thoughts on “Didnt even earn my big breakfast! Yet.”

  1. Its cool you don't have a shirt but being out all day on the bike without one you could end up with skin cancer and damage skin. Not too good for someone promoting healthy lifestyle.

  2. scooby,
    you looked ripped as fuck here – thanks for inspiring my leg workout today, i'm going to need it.

  3. but scooby if you could afford for plane tickets and hotel stays for this trip surely you could afford a cheap dollar shirt or something?

  4. Stuttgart main station: various T-shirts in all sorts of sizes, colours and patterns are expecting your arrival! I'm not kidding!

  5. looks like your having a great time. I have been getting into bike riding, lately. I broke my arm in a nasty lil crash a couple months ago though. So I haven't been. I am going to start up again soon. There is a mountain near my house that I am going to spend every week trying to get further and further up, until I can make it.

    Love hearing about your adventures. Can't wait for your next video.

    -Blue (Toddybottoms on YOUtube)

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