False sense of security

I took a quick morning snack break before I knew what trouble I was in. After my snack break the long hill climb started.

Im still waiting for somebody to recognize me and offer me a shirt! Luckily a warm day, quite comfortable.

13 thoughts on “False sense of security”

  1. Scooby I'm surprised you're always so brown and in this picture tanning! You're such an advocate for healthy living and then you go and risk skin cancer? :S

  2. scooby, i'll give you a shirt if you tell me when you're comming near black forest / switzerland/ south west part of germany!


  3. looks like somewehere in rhineland-palatinate, river rhine or mosel – great bike-routes.. and just about an hour away from my hometown.. if you headin south, komm in bad dürkheim vorbei ;-)

  4. hey scoob, just post when you are getting near hamburg and it will be a pleasure for me to give you a shirt :-D

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