Importance of Cross Training

Well I made it! The Tour de Hans is over. Havent totalled it up yet but 6days and aproximately 650 miles thru Hans’ homeland.

This tour really pushed me to my physical limits but thats good to do now and then. Its easy to get caught into a comfortable gym- rut. Being a well rounded athlete is important to your body as well as your soul, make those muscles you have built up in the gym *do* something. Dont be a Porsche stuck in second gear, punch it now and then. People make a big deal about specific cross training programs and cross-fit programs, I say just make sure you enjoy some sport other than weight training on a regular basis! Personally I love cycling, swimming, beach volleyball, and running and do one of these activities four to five times a week.

My crazy tour took me thru Frankfurt, Cologne. Trier, Cochem, Koblenz, Boppard, Mainz, Brandau, Lindenfels, Heidleberg, Michelstadt, Freudenburg, Tauberbischofsheim, and Rothengurg ob der Taube. By the way, I say “crazy” tour because when you are doing 120 miles a day there is no time to stop, not even for photos. All the photos and video I took was from my handlebar mounted camera rig at 15mph. A better pace for touring so you can actually stop and enjoy things is 40-60 miles a day.

Here I am at the end of my tour in Rothenburg ob der Taube, so beautiful that Disneyland took many pointers from it!

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  1. Ahhhh that's great Scooby, I've stayed/been to frankfurt, koblenz and Boppard myself, all very nice places! I think you may have inspired me to do something similar one day in the future :)

  2. Next time you should come to Brandenburg and Berlin. Just very small ascending parts but a beautiful landscape and well made cyclingroads!

    Hope you enjoyed our country and the people.

  3. It was awesome and I really enjoyed it. Maybe next time, you could do a tour de Hans for visiting multinational success story people. Visit each of them and take a picture, so that you can encourage next success story.

    Yup, I agree with your cross training importance. Although I truly respect bodybuilding people, we should train our body for some specific goal, not just looking great. I enjoy free-climbing and get a lot of benefits from your videos. Now I'm lighter, more vigorous and have more muscle power to try harder problems. Life is so wonderful!!!!

  4. Congratulations Scooby! it's been good following your blog. Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the videos on youtube. Your a big inspiration and without you I doubt I would have progressed how I have. Rory – 21- England

  5. Great job!! It was fun following your tour. I'm looking forward to your return to you tube :)Have a safe trip home.

  6. Tour de Hans was awesome reading. respect for the feat of endurance Sccoby!!!

    Too bad you're not coming to Berlin though.

    Safe home!

  7. I am so disappointed that you didnt tell where you will be. You have been so close to me und I just wanted to see you cycling :( (and check if its true, that you dont have even one shirt with you, what i dont belive) :( :(

  8. Congrats Scooby, I open your blog several times per day with my breath cut out expecting a new post from your great adventure (which you call it your life).

    My life changed when I started following your channel back in January, so thank you.

  9. According to Google Earth, the distance from Cologne (the furthest north) to Rothenburg ob der Taube (the furthest south) is 366km (using main roads). When you add all the variances that you took, I think it is fair to say that you must have cracked (or come very close to) the 1,000km mark.

    Therefore, would you like to tackle the "Tour Of Britain" which starts at Land's End in Cornwall and tackles the Cotswolds, Snowdonia, the Lake District, the Mournes of Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and finishes at John O'Groats (a total distance of 2,000km) although unlike Germany, the prospect of warm sunshine all the way cannot be promised


  11. And still no shirt I see?

    If I had been in Germany and knew the route, I would have given you one. ^^

    Anyhoo, thanks for the blog entries from your Tour de Hans. It's been a pleasure reading, and I find you an inspiration to myself in getting in proper shape. :)

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