Before getting on that airplane …

Before getting on that airplane, make sure to get a good workout in. It makes it feel like you have earned the right to sit for hours and hours! It also helps to remind you to keep your nutrition solid. Pack your healthy, protein rich meals with you so you are not at the mercy of whatever is for sale on the plane which is usually a mega-chocolate chip cookie – not what your muscles need to rebuild after a tough workout.

So after finishing my exhausting Tour de Hans, I slept 11hrs last night and felt great this morning! During my exhausting 12hr/day cycling tour, I only had the energy to workout twice so this morning was the perfect time for that pre-flight bobybuilding workout in the hotel room. I did 20min of abs followed by 60min of various types of pushups. It was an awesome workout! I can tell that my metabolism is still in overdrive from my cycling tour, but that bonus time is almost over. Now I need to forget how I ate on the trip when my only concern was finding enough calories to shove in and go back to my normal, strict nutrition. Sigh, it was fun while it lasted.

My goal on this two week trip was to maintain muscle mass and either lower or maintain bodyfat, although I dont have my scale or skinfold calipers, the mirror seems to say I achieved my goals. The main key for me was to make sure I got lots of protein, every 2-3hrs. Also key was making sure my whole body got worked out hard immediately before and right after the bike tour as well as fitting in workouts during the trip when I thought my body had the ability to recouperate.

I still dont have a shirt!!!

25 thoughts on “Before getting on that airplane …”

  1. Congratulations scooby, you made my day. im guessing they couldnt find a shirt to give you, size brolic is hard to find. get home safe!

  2. Hallo Scooby,
    if you have enough time, go to a supermarket and look for "harzer roller" or harzer-käse. It's cheese, no carbs, 0.5% fat and 30% protein.

    Hope you enjoyed your tour through germany.
    You have forgotten Hans at home, right? ;)

  3. I would come to the airport, just to give you a shirt, if I would live there… I'm surprised that they let you on the plane without a shirt.

  4. I'd love to see a video of the types of pushups / excercies you did during your trainings this week.

    I understand that you stopped cycling to work your upper body from time to time?

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