Im back home, well almost

I at least have made it back into the country but as usual in Chicago my flight is delayed, what is it about O’Hare??? I fly thru here 4x a year and always have long delays.

Anyway, taking the opportunity to elevate the ankle I wounded cycling. Today lugging my two fifty pound suitcases from the hotel to the subway to the train to the airport didnt help it any. I dont think I did any long lasting damage, it just needs a few weeks of rest from cycling.

Im old and falling apart! Ever since my european triathlon 10 days ago, my shoulder has gotten worse. Often I cant even raise it above my waist. I had the MRI before I left and have the consultations this week to see about surgery.

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  1. Hi Scooby,
    I also advise to take some rest instead of doing the surgery.
    Often things get surprisingly better on their own.
    And surgery leaves scares that make problems for a long time.
    This is my personal experience!!!
    I wish you all the best!

  2. hahaha.. that´s funny, I hurt my ellbow with overdoing curls.. don´t worry, it´ll get better and I am not too sure if surgery will be the key to your pains.. Very often things just get worse after surgery..
    Anyway, enjoy your recovery time!!

  3. Scooby, your not old. Well, maybe you are, it's all relative. I mean I'm 52, I have been exercising on and off all my life. It's been only recently (7 months) ago, that I seriously gotten back into it. I was 23 pounds overweight and out of shape. Now I feel better than in anytime in my life. I stumbled across your YouTube videos about two months ago. I gotta say, you're an inspiration (I know you've heard this many times, but doesn't hurt to hear it again!) and I agree 100% with your philosphy on weight training. I hope everything goes well with your shoulder. Kind regards!

  4. Ha! The way I figured it, I needed the surgery anyway so there was no harm in doing the triathlon that I had been training two years for!

  5. Scooby lives near the SF. Bay Area … My brother swears he met him a few years ago in a gym down there.

  6. Hey Scooby,

    I saw in your videos that you consume a lot of milk. But the contents of the milk induce many kinds of disorders.
    I reduced my relativ high milk consum which effects me very well. I lost in 4 weeks 4kg of weight.
    However, also it is proven that excist a high positiv correlation between milk consumption and osteoporosis. Maybe youre Body is influenced by this or other negative effects of milk…
    Please, have a critical looking for milk as aliment. Just try it to stay away and feel how its going without.


  7. Wait till 2027 and then get bio-mechanical agumentations….
    I mean …. don't worry you will be fine Scoob:)

  8. ooohhhh paaaaahhhhllleeeeassseee scooby…. i love ohare. i'm from chicago and i live here….I LOVE OHARE! i never have anyyy problems.

  9. A shoulder bad enough that it needs a $4,000 MRI, then a triathlon after that? Dude, your not "falling" apart, you're tearing yourself up!
    "It's better to burn out than to fade away" – Neil Young

  10. Scooby, your iron will and your effort are truly amazing in my eyes. I hope you continue with this as long as humanly possible.
    All the best.

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