I can bike again, kinda

Oh I feel so much better now after doing cardio again! After nuking my ankle by cycling 12hrs a day, day after day I had to stop all leg activity except minimal walking for four days. Today I got back on the (stationary) bike for an hour and it felt SO good.

I was very careful not to use any calf/ankle/foot muscles, I pedaled with my heels, that is, I pointed my tibia at the pedals axle (see picture). My ankle is definitely gettung better but caution is called for so I dont re-injure

By the way, yes I do have big feet. These shoes are size 15.

10 thoughts on “I can bike again, kinda”

  1. I've got size 15s too haha, I never find laces the right size! They're either too big and made for a size 20, or too small and don't fit through all the holes. And no, you DON'T need them custom ordered if you can FIND them, and are FINE with not having some amazingly pointless shoe like Jordans. New Balance sucks as a brand but it gets the job done.

  2. By the way, I always tuck in my laces to prevent them from getting caught around things – a habit I learned when a young kid cycling.

  3. Arm bikes are great for those with leg problems who still want to get cardio. In my case, my shoulder is so messed up, I couldnt use one of those either.

  4. do you, like, have to get those monsters custom-ordered or something?

    Oh, and is it true what they say about guys with big feet? :D

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