Working out with injuries, healing thru exercise

I think I had boatloads of endorphins flooding my system for the whole two weeks I was extreme cycling in Europe and this masked all the pain I should have been feeling. Now that I’m home, I feel like an invalid. My shoulder is so painful that I cant even do normal daily activities, I cant even turn a steering wheel with my left arm. My ankle is very slow to recover from the extreme cycling, walking is tough and running/cycling is completely out of the question. I’m pretty resourceful and yet I cant think of any cardio I can do. There are some things I can work out though, I’m going to the gym to do a gimp workout, the things I know I can still do:
I’ll do every possible exercise – 30min
leg extensions
leg curls
biceps (if shoulder allows)
triceps (is shoulder allows)
Do what you can! Listen to your doctor but never let injuries get you down! Dont be stupid and make an injury worse but find ways to workout around it. Getting some exercise, any exercise, helps the body heal. Not to be underestimated is the mental benefit of working out when injured. Its easy to feel powerless, depressed or sorry for yourself when injured. When you do find ways to workout, it puts you back in control of the situation – YOU are taking steps to get better and the positive mental benefits of healing are not to be underestimated.
OK, now I’m heading off to do whatever I can! I’m just as excited about this gimp workout as I am when I have tried to best my one rep maxes! Go Scooby Go!!!
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9 thoughts on “Working out with injuries, healing thru exercise”

  1. Really deep breathing and yoga is soothing and alternating cold bath with hot bath is helpful for pain. Sometimes I think you guys are addicted to your exercise. Moderation is the key in my opinion, but range of motion with the help of ice is useful.

  2. You're totally right Scooby. I hurt my knee really bad and couldn't run for one month (atleast i thought i couldn't). Then a physiotherapist told me to start running, even that it would be bad for my knee to be inactive. I played fotball that day, it hurt but not much and after a few days i was completly healed. Go Scooby Go!

  3. When I got my shoulder injury, my right rotatory was really painful for 15 days (only infiammation, but painful and needed rest). Anyway, i could easily make a biceps workout without any problem. Much more complicated for triceps. I had to left any chest/back workout for 6 months to be really safe :(

  4. I can't help but think taking a week out is not the end of the world. Too many people carry on and push through making injuries worse.

  5. Hi Scooby,

    I'm a Physical Therapist from Möchengladbach,Germany РI just wanted to say that I'm amazed at the "connection" you ve build with your body Рbeen watching your videos for a long time and discovered this blog prior to Tour de Hans.Just like stivemaister said:your ethic inspires.

  6. Somehow whenever I read any of your posts or watch one of your videos I feel like I can solve any problem.Keep on doing what you do Scooby!Know that at least one person is inspired by you.
    Greetings from sunny Bulgaria.:)

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