I REALLY hate needles …

but needles are better than surgery. I always lay down when needles are around so when I pass out, I dont fall and hurt myself. Im as bad as Scooby Doo when it comes to scary needles.

Doctor thinks it very likely I will need shoulder surgery but there is some chance this cortisone shot and physical therapy will fix me up. Its a good sign that the pain has already decreased.

5 days with ibuprofin and no upper body workouts, then just physical therapy for the next month. Glad I worked out tgis morning! Not being able to workout is torture :(

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  1. I am getting my 2nd P.T. for my right shoulder today. I have use ice packs, hot showers, heat packs, massage and joint supplements. I also eliminated movements that irritate the shoulder. It has taken 8 months, but it's much better.

  2. Susheel Chandradhas

    I've always felt that your advice is both sensible and logical. It's sad when people can't rely on their own judgement and instead take to 'rumors' for their information.

    About this post. Take care, and be a good patient. I hope you get well super fast.

  3. scooby do you have any idea of why you are having this shoulder injury? should we avoid any exercise in particular?

  4. Hey Scooby! I wish you the best of luck with your recovery. I hope you figure out what exercises have been causing the pain and find an alternative for them. Listen to your own advice and don't risk being re-injured! By the way, I read that lateral shoulder raises they way you do them require some of your rotator cuff muscles to statically contract in the top of the movement possibly causing injury over time – maybe that's something? Again, I'm holding my fingers crossed you'll heal ASAP.

  5. haha!! yes scooby, teach those tards xD

    wish you enjoy the physical therapy and come back soon! you're the best

  6. "Rumor has it, you lost all your hair & your skin got lighter due to usage of Roids, HGH and other possible drugs…."

    Is this a rumor you started or one you 'heard'?

    I owe you actually for bringing this problem to my attention, I have disabled anonymous comments. No more cowardly hiding behind "anonymous" while you sling mud.

  7. Boy, that cortisone works FAST. Ever since the shot this morning my shoulder has been pain free, truly a miracle. For the last months, my shoulder has been in constant pain 24/7. I'm smart enough to know that my shoulder is not healed despite the lack of pain. The healing process is 100% in my hands now, do my physical therapy exercises religiously and avoid lifting and I might make a recovery without surgery. That is mighty strong incentive to be a good Scooby! Surgery sucks.

  8. I have made a lot of enemies by giving away for free what others make hundreds of thousands of dollars on, I cut into their profit margins. Its easy to start vicious rumors about anyone. I suggest your read my website, my philosophy, and my attitudes, and I think you will know that I promote and believe in true health and fitness thru sweat and hard work without taking shortcuts be they supplements or steroids.

  9. scooby i started hgh treatment last week and it hurts i hate needles and i have to give myself a shot every day and im only 14. it sucks and the shots side effects hurt my knees and it hurts to run :(

  10. Man, that's got to be hard. I hope you get better soon. Maybe you should look at it this way: some time off will do you good, and when you get back, you'll be more determined then ever.
    Greetings from Belgium

  11. Hey scoob
    Rumor has it, you lost all your hair & your skin got lighter due to usage of Roids, HGH and other possible drugs….

    Now I personally have nothing against you, but those are the one I heard.

    So how true is it??? Well I guess you'll avoid that as well & never answer, as usual.

    Only a person using (or have used) drugs or other illegal substances can workout that regularly (5-6 times/ week) continuously forever every year>>>> this word is all over the internet!

  12. Hope you heal as quickly and painlessly as possible Scoob, your a great guy and your videos have taught me a lot :)

  13. umm…Scooby you have a great body and you look very healthy for your age. BUT! dont be a idiot listen to your body when it says stop. Addiction has some clasical symptoms like: one of them is dont caring about your body (a body consists of more then just muscles), let it rest it has done you good been loyal to you and all, be loyal back to it and give it the respect it deserves!
    your an intelligent man deep inside you know whats right for you even if its not what you want!

  14. Not being able to workout for long periods of time is the worst torture I can imagine. Well actually it could be worse, at least you can eat healthy! If I had to go without working out AND had to eat horribly I wouldn't make it through. Good luck scoob, you'll be fine. Make sure your nutrition is PERFECT so your muscles can get everything they need to be maintained

  15. I agree with the guy above, the worst thing would be tempted into doing weight training and making your injury last longer!
    Hope you get better soon scooby!!

  16. Yikes!
    Scooby, lay on the cardio, lay off the weights. You're huge, you can compromise some of your muscle for some of that health.

  17. I don't like needles neither.
    Just keep on doing what you do best, and don't get obsessed with upper body workouts.
    You'll get depressed that way.

    Keep your head up.Everything will be OK.
    Lots of people here wish you well.

  18. Hey Scoob! I feel you man! I just got over a reeeeeaaaaally bad case of strep throat. It was crippling and I couldn't even attempt to get an even moderate workout in! But actually got out on the bike today and climbed some hills and it felt so good!

    Keep it real scoob!

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