One last workout …

This could be my last upper body workout for a long time. My doctors appointment is in 90 minutes and after reading my MRI report and the info the doctor gave me I suspect (and hope) that I will be getting a cortisone shot. I’m willing to try anything to avoid surgery so if its possible the cortisone injection followed by physical therapy will help, I’m all for trying it!
If I get the injection, I know that I wont be doing any upper body workouts except abs and physical therapy for quite a while. So What Would Scooby Do? (WWSD) He would get in one last workout of course! The pain on my face in the below picture is not faked, my shoulder really hurts. The only way I could do pullups is to use my right hand to lift my left up to the bar. I should have taken a video of this ridiculous process but basically I have to lift the left arm very, very slowly up into position. Once there, I can hang and do pullups without too much pain but there is no way I could lift the left hand by itself. Also when I’m done, I have to use my right arm to lower my left arm back down.

Now just so you dont accuse me of being a hypocrite, let me explain my rationale. I know I always say that joint pain is bad and that you should stop immediately, I stand by this. In this case though, the pullups themselves dont cause shoulder pain. What causes the pain is simply trying to raise my arm, once its there, its fine. If I’m causing any additional inflammation, its just by the mere act of raising my hand passively. How is that for justification??? T-70min, I gotta make this workout count!!!

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  1. I've had this pain before scooby i was told by my doctor that and after the proof of my x ray that i tore a tendant and where muscle growth comes in it pushes the tendant more to the side of my arm and rips it even more, good luck and i hope the injection works for you.

  2. Good luck scooby I have two rotator cuff injuries I started with my left and was so stubborn I'd let it heal for a month then it would blow up again. So eventually I hurt my right arm, and now I'm just sitting here. Even cycling is a problem if I pull up with my arms alittle too hard. I'm not a bodybuilder though I injured my shoulders bboying.

  3. Hi, I'm a girl in Taiwan. Recently I see your video on Youtube, and follow your instruction to do weight workout. You are a great coach that teach me a lot. Hope I'll see your sunny smile on video soon. Before then, take care, and be a good patient.

  4. how was your treatment Scooby? I hope everything is going well for you, I am sure you'll invent something to work your upper body too, your an engineer after all… :)

  5. Scooby, I ask this with the greatest respect for you. You're 50, isn't it better to get whatever fix now that trying to mask the symptoms with a hormone?

  6. Ahh scooby shoulder injuries suck! I separated my shoulder and the doctor told me it was muscular which meant it took 2 more months to get better :@
    You might have separated it if it hurts to lift it upwards or forwards like a zombie haha!
    Best of luck :)

  7. Don't worry, Scoob. Even if the worst happens and you can't do your upper body for a long time, we're all here and on the forums for you. Use the time to get in more interaction with the forum members perhaps? Unless your doc restricts you from typing :o

  8. Hope everything will go well, and knowing you you'll just use your off-time for more motivation to start again.

  9. I will be a very, very good patient and do exactly what the doctor says if I get the cortisone injection!!!!!

  10. @Edoardo, I've had good luck with cortisone too. 8 years ago I had it in my AC joint and it completely solved that pain. I think its important to note though that its cortisone in conjunction with rest and physical therapy. If you hit the weights again immediately you will just reinjure

  11. This is really weird. I get this too. Crazy pain lifting my arm in the air and no power to grip in a certain position. Yet I'm able to do pull-ups…carefully!

    Don't know what the cause is exactly but I always put it down to sleeping in a awkward position. It goes after a day or two rest.


  12. By my experience on shoulder…CORTISONE MAKE MIRACLES! I had shoulder infiammation for 15 days with always same pain, Not-steroid anti infiammatory drugs were "like cold water" for that. With cortisone injection in the shoulder, i get well in 1 day. No more problems from that. but i had to rest shoulder from weird movements for months.
    good luck anyway

  13. lol you're crazy. I hope it doesn't take you out for too long and I hope you keep doing videos even though your injured. I learn a lot from your videos.

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