Achieved my 6% bodyfat goal with carb cycling

6% bodyfat – I achieved my goal by using carb cycling! Carb cycling worked for me where nothing else did and I lost fat without losing any muscle mass. How do I know that I lost fat and not muscle? Because I measured my body composition carefully! The most important measurement was the skinfold thickness over my lower abs. When I started my carb cycling I had 14mm over this area, right now I have 7mm. My goal was to cut that bodyfat in half which I achieved.

If I wanted, I could continue to lose bodyfat but leaner is not always better in my opinion. Too lean (under 5%) has potential health problems and personally I think it looks gross :) I can tell I’m on the cusp of being too lean, I think if I dropped another 1% it would look bad. One of the most common questions I get about carb cycling is “how long do I carb cycle for?” The answer is, until your goal is achieved. Once you achieve your goal, go back to normal healthy nutrition but remember that with your lower weight and metabolic rate, your meals will be smaller than before. Make sure to use the calculator to calculate your new meal size or your weight will slowly go back up to what it was before. As I have mentioned before, carb cycling isnt for everyone, its for serious bodybuilders who already two pack or four pack abs and want to get contest ripped without losing muscle. Given you are starting from 9-12% bodyfat, you should not need carb cycling for over 8 weeks.

So now I go back to my normal nutrition which is very high in carbs, especially vegetables, legumes/beans, and whole grains. The first thing I had after my photoshoot last night was a big bowl of beans!

If you are interested in learning more about losing weight and getting 6-pack abs, please check out my website!!! If you want to specifically learn about carb cycling and advanced fat loss, thats on my website too.

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  1. Scooby, I recreationally do bodybuilding/weight training 3 – 5 days a week. My favorite choice of cardio is high intensity Basketball which i typically do in 1hour to 1.5hours at a time. Do you think I’m hurting my muscle gains? I do basketball as my cardio each day i do lifting. I am 30yr old male, 190lbs, height 69inches, Bodyfat 13%. Your thoughts?

  2. What do you think about getting liposuction for the abs when bodyfat is stable at around 10%? Don’t really want to lose any more bodyfat or my face starts to look too thin and boney,

  3. @joshua The reason you cant get a solid answer is that there is not one. Bodybuilding is as much art as science. Carb cycling seems to work well with the 3:1 cycle and the reasons for it seem to make sense for me after reading two books about it. If you want to come up with your own version, you are on your own. Try it and see if it works for you, if it does, you are fine. If it doesnt then switch to the 3:1 cycle.

  4. Great job scooby! I actually have a quick question that I've asked on tons of different forums in regards to carb-cycling and I'm wondering if you could give me an answer. I read your site and other articles, but is it necessary to have low carb days consecutively (3 followed by 1 high) in order to maximize fat loss? Or would it work if I rotated High and Low carb days based on my training schedule. For example, I lift heavy on MWF(High Carb) and do cardio/light work on Tues, Thurs and Sat (Low Carb). Sunday is also a low carb day. Will this current schedule work? I've only been on it for a week and I feel great, but I'd just like a solid answer as to whether or not low-carb days have to be consecutive (3 low followed by 1 high) in order to maximize fat loss effects. Thanks!

  5. Grate staff Scooby!! Thanks for sharing with as the low carb cycling..
    I have started the carb cycling at the begging of August with 11% of body fat and now I have just 7% of body fat!!! I think I will continue cycle for week or two more and see how it goes. I recommend as Scooby mentioned to everyone who want to do the carb cycle to read the ebook Burn the fat Feed the Muscle by Tom Venutos, it help me to understand how the card cycling works (it has great amount of information about nutrition and bodybuilding!!!) and also I could eat variations of meals in my carb cycle and not just chicken, whey and oats!!!

  6. 6% body fat! That's an amazing achievement. I guess it is as good as professional bodybuilders in competing condition. I hear they go thru a very brutal diet to prepare for competition but it sounds like you achieved it thru very healthy way.

    I need to go thru more moderate diet to achieve my goal 20% fat. I'm a girl and mustn't go further than this. But when I have made it, I might consider to try carbo cycling diet to 18-15%.

    Anyway, you are amazing. I just adore and admire you!

  7. @Igor, actually I had lost about 9 lbs fat before using carb cycling before the tour, lost 2lbs during the tour, and then lost another 3lbs using carb cycling the week after returning. Most of the fat loss was carb cyclin.

  8. Hey there Scooby, no doubt that you are a great inspiration to all of us and a great "teacher" but, I think that the main reason that you got so ripped the past week is the Tour de Hans where you were doing an extreme 13 hour/day cardio. I'm a big fan of yours, like i said i learned a lot fom your videos and from the Blog and I dropped 40 pounds of fat in the past 20 months by exercising and dieting… But, in my opinion in this particular scenario, cardio was thekey to your goal. Best wishes, @IgorBianconi

  9. Very Impressive. I'm still a bit confused on how to do carb cycling. Anywho, Scooby ive been doing your s61xl workout for 2 months now (so 2 times) and ive been bodybuilding for 4 years… im wondering if I should be doing it, considering im still a kid, 22, and still gaining strength.

    Thank you,


  10. You sir, are an inspiration. Keep up the great work. Many should take notice of your actions-not just by being physically fit but by your philanthropist ideology.

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