Four most common ab mistakes

I know you have heard me say all this before but until people stop doing these stupid things, I’m gonna keep harping on them! I had occasion to be in the gym yesterday and saw all these mistakes within 5 minutes!

Four most common ab mistakes:
  1. head nodding while doing crunches
  2. arm flapping while doing crunches
  3. think more range of motion is better – doing situps rather than crunches
  4. thinking that doing zillions of reps of an ab exercise will remove the beer belly’
Please, stop doing these things so I dont have to pillow-scream any more!

4 thoughts on “Four most common ab mistakes”

  1. great video scooby, always informative as expected!

    can't have enough of thanking you man, maybe I should mention that I started last April with your plans and up to now I lost more than 30lbs (in almost 4 months ).

    So, keep up the good job dear scooby, people are getting more educated with you!


    [email protected] ;D

  2. I will have to check and see if they fixed their photo upload bug. When I tried last month it didnt work. I'll try again right now …

  3. Scoob, time to get a Twitter Profile Pic up. You should show off the 6 per cent body fat! Question: is this the lowest ratio you've ever achieved? And what are the expected ratios of competing. Bodybuilders? Thanks again dude. -ve made loads of gains thanks to your instructions.

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