Flax and vegetables as skin cancer prevention

Yet another excellent reason to eat your vegetables and flax, as if we bodybuilders dont have enough reasons already! A study just published in “Nutrition Reviews” suggests that a diet rich in anti-oxidants and omega-III fatty acids can protect you from skin cancer. When I talk about nutrition, I always harp on how important vegetables are – skin cancer prevention is yet another reason to eat those vegetables high in anti-oxidants. Good vegetables for this are kale, spinach, brussels sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, beets, red bell pepper, Onion, corn, and eggplant. One of the few ‘supplements‘ I have always recommended is flax, its naturally high in omega-III fatty acids and it tastes good too. By the way, the reason I put the word supplements in quotes is that I personally dont consider flax a supplement, its a food just like wheat or corn is – just so happens that its REALLY good for you :)

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  1. The only issue some nutrition nazi's might have with flax as a source of Omega 3's is that it lacks DHA, the most beneficial kind. It is easily obtained from vegan algae derived sources in pill form. Much less chance of toxins there.

  2. Heard stories of people having toxic problems caused by them fish oil capsules.. I'd always choose flax over fish any day. :)

  3. Fresh fish is a healthy resource of protein and oil but not so with fish oil. I don't trust manufactured food. There's always black curtain process we cannot see.

    We all know fish goes bad quickly even if we just have caught one. So why do you guys trust fish oil that labels say good for 3 months???

    I prefer fresh SASHIMI than ground flax but I'd rather eat manufactured ground flax than manufactured fish oil…

  4. what I have against fish oil is that you have a lot of trust in the manufacturer because a lot can go wrong between the ocean and the pill or bottle of fish oil. The wrong oil gets put in. A cheaper oil gets put in by greedy middlemen. With flax, you know what you are getting – flax. Grind your own and you know its fresh too.

  5. Fish oil may contain more omega3 but that doesn't mean it's better. Don't use Fish Liver Oil as frequently the fish liver contains high levels of toxins (e.g. PCB, mercury, etc). Even fish oil that doesn't include the liver can contain toxins if it comes from predatory fish like mackerel, tuna, salmon etc. There is also the environmental concerns from overfishing and fish farming. If you are going to use fish oil at least buy one that lets you know what fish it came from or even better is independently tested to be free of toxins.

  6. Fish oil has omega 3 so it's good.

    My mom's cooking is awesome with veggies that's why I love them. She makes them taste really good :)
    Too bad she cooks almost everything with rice though as she can't afford buying expensive foods.

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