Which supplements should you take?

creatine? nitric oxide? hyrdoyxcut? protein powder? jack3d? no-xplode? glutamine? zma? Which supplements should you take?

Here are three foods/supplements that I strongly believe every bodybuilder over the age of 18 should be using:

    1. Protein Powder, isolated whey
    2. Flax seed , ground at home (not pills or oils)
    3. Green tea (not pills, just real brewed tea – no sweeteners or whiteners)

Here are supplements that many other people think are valuable, but am less optimistic about. You need to do research and decide for yourself. In my opinion, the below supplements might give you a 5% edge – not worth the money or potential health risks:

    1. Creatine
    2. Beta-alanine
    3. Glutamine
    4. Taurine
    5. Tyrosine
    6. Multivitamins

Please read my full report on supplements here. Anything you take, make sure it has been tested for toxicity and purity by an independent lab like USP Verified. Anything else that I have not mentioned, I dont recommend.

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  1. When to drink green tea? Since im having my cup of coffee before the gym and cant intake anymore cofeein during the day..?

  2. Hey Scooby,
    I have a couple of questions. You recommend whey isolate but would soy isolate be a valid substitute? My wife has anaphylactic allergies to whey so I'd prefer to keep this death in powder form as far from her as possible =)
    Secondly, the whey isolate you pointed to didn't have the USP verified logo and I can't seem to find any soy isolate that is USP verified either. Does this mean that it's not safe to take the isolates or are they classed differently than other supplements and actually regulated?

    Thanks for the help

  3. hey scooby… you told that there was an article in Consumer Reports on protein powder… can you tell me in which issue it was… I was searching but could not find the article…thanks

  4. Hi Scooby,
    First of all, I would like to thank you very much for all the tips, videos and advice that you give us freely.
    I have a question regarding the protein powders. How can I know whether a protein supplement has been tested by an Independent testing lab? or how can I have a protein tested through one of these labs?
    If I buy the protein powder that you have recommended on your website, do you not think that it may go off because of the exposure to the light or temperature etc. by the time I receive it through post? Since, I live in The UK and could not find those proteins on Amazon.co.uk

  5. Scooby,
    I know you recommend the Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Vanilla but are you concerned that some other Optimum Nutrition products were on the Consumer Reports testing analysis and were found to have those harmful metals?


  6. i my name is Mike and im from Québec city i like youre advice but i have read in many places that flax is and estrogen precursor like soy and omega 3 from vegetables sources are poorly absorb by the body,so i take fish oil and Chia seed or hemp seeds.wats youre take on that? thanks again sorry for my english im french :)

  7. @super mario
    when you use creatin, your body will get little bit more power, but your body will also store more water.

    P.S sorry for my bad english :-)

  8. glennthepiemonster

    i like your stance on supps scoob, im 16 and i just take some whey protein with milk post workout and maybe with my cereal in the morning :) because i cant eat high protein food 6 times a day, btw you have like a serious 8 pack now :p must be all the extra abbs you have done :D


    I am temped to try Creatine? so far im just taking protein powder and am getting good results with that….im just worried that if it do take it i could develop liver ploblems or the like

    Have you tried Creatine in the past?

  10. think like this- if you can cook beans or beef for an hour, then you can cook an egg for 5 minutes. I dont think it changes anything (except if you have nasty exam in school and you really need a quick dose of stomach disease, then eat raw eggs :D )

  11. Good advice there! Scooby I have a question. I have read that hard boiling an egg destroys the proteins within. I have also read that it does not, and that it just "denatures" them, that is: other taste, same proteins. I normally hard boil them and take only the white, but I have also been advised to just go for white omelettes with very short cooking times. Any thoughts?

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